3 Ways How MyGate Helps In Strengthening The Existing Security System Of A Gated Community

June 26, 2019
By Team MyGate

It is nearly undebatable that the security system offered by a gated community is a lot safe than that you get by living in an individual house. Hence the rapid increase in the demand for houses in gated communities is completely justified, however as the number of people opting for such communities increase so does the problem of security and the management of the processes at the gate. While gated communities require and promise a high level of security the delivered level is not even close, hence resulting in the rising number of crimes of-late. Here is when MyGate, an intelligent security solution comes into play with a scope of enhancing the existing security level by digitizing the process at the gate.

The MyGate team visited numerous gated communities and noted the key problems faced by the security department of a society. Here is how MyGate intends on solving each of these problems by strengthening the existing security system;

1. Traditional register entries at the gate is now a thing of the past

Asking visitors to do the traditional register entry every time they step into the community is all a farce. Not only most of the times is the writing is unreadable but most of the times the guards have lost track if the visitor has checked out or not. MyGate avoids these mishaps by digitizing every entry and exit process of the gate. Hence there is a notification sent to the resident every time a visitor or a house help checks in and out of the society.

2. Maintaining visitor logs do not ever help in finding the culprit

Generally, people entering apartments are requested to enter the details about where they are coming from and whom they intend to meet in a register. Incase of any mishap, these registers are checked with an aim to find the culprit, however this method is not only outdated but also not good enough. The reason being the probability to read the handwriting and get back to the right person is minimal. Hence MyGate takes away this issue by using technology to keep a check on who has come in, at what time, to meet whom and left the apartment at what time. Thus making the whole system secure with an aim to eliminate human error as much as possible.

3. During peak hours at the gates some entries tend to get missed out

Every morning and evening for a certain number of hours the footfalls in the gated community are the highest. It is during these hours when certain entries may get missed out, since the guards are overworked with making register entries for the house helps, service providers, cabs, delivery boys and so on. With certain entries getting missed, creeps in room for danger. This situation can be avoided by using MyGate where every entry is authorized with a digital code.

MyGate also offers a host of other features that helps in easy living for the resident. It is already deployed at over 100+ communities in India and this number only seems to be increasing. With customers like Adarsh, Shobha, Mantri and Salarpuria among the many others, MyGate is latching its roots in the security space of the gated communities in the country rapidly. To know more about how MyGate can help your community in building a safe neighborhood, schedule a free demo.

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