MyGate Offerings

November 01, 2019
By Team MyGate

The MyGate application suite is a set of innovative features designed to enhance security of a gated community and provide better convenience to all stakeholders – residents, committee members, facility managers and society staff.
For utmost utility and benefit to our users, the app features are bundled into four packages – Lifetime Free ERP, Basic, Premium and Elite.

1. Company Profile
2. Data Storage & Privacy
3. Interfaces
4. Service & Trainings
5. MyGate Gate/Security Management
6. Vehicle Management
7. Admin Dashboard
8. Complaint Management System
9. Maintenance
10. Amenities
11. Billing & Accounting
12. Payments
13. Communication
14. Integrations & Partnerships
15. Admin Types
16. Covid Combat Features

Company Profile

Communities on MyGate9000+ Societies in 25+ cities
Employee Strength1000+
Capital backingUSD 70M+; backed by Marquee global investors like Tiger, Tencent
Service Team of 500 across India for on ground service, account management for both physical training, support for both Association members and residents
App Downloads1.2M+ app users
App Rating4.7 in App Store iOS (>15K ratings) and 4.5 in android (>7K ratings)
Maintenance Amount Processed~50 cr worth of apartment maintenance processed monthly

Data Storage & Privacy

You can read about here: Click here
StorageData is stored in AWS (Amazon Web services) in virtual private cloud
Privacy at gateGuard cannot access data of resident/guest from the guard device
Privacy at Estate (with number Masking)All access to dashboard/download needs OTP to be provided. Access to resident information further protected by settings based masking
SecurityEncryption is used throughout the application for data in motion (TLS) . MyGate application and data servers do not use public accessible address or IP. The access is further secured through a VPN tunnel with 2FA (2 factor authentication)
CertificationsCertified ISO 27001 for Data protection best practices
Legal(1) Company signs an NDA with all employees regarding protection and non sharing of data. (2) Company is governed by explicit privacy policy posted on website
CompliancePDP and GDPR Compliant implying no data sharing with any 3rd party
Penetration TestingTested by ethical hackers for security
Disaster RecoveryData backup taken to prevent data losses


FeaturesRemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
Guard AppFor security guards at gate for security management NYYY
Resident AppFor residents to manage their home (e.g. house helps, visitors, community connect & much more) for their homeYYYY
Admin App (resident app with admin features)For community admin to approvals to registering residents, send notices, action on tickets, start communications etcYYYY
MC/FM DashboardFor community admin to manage, society structure, Resident list, Service Providers, complaints, accounting & much moreYYYY

Service & Trainings

FeaturesRemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
Training of guardsLifetime training of guards anytime and any number of timesNAYYY
On ground support, service and trainingTeam of 500 across India for on ground service, account management for both physical training, support for both Association members and residentsNAYYY
Lifetime customer support over calls, emails and messagesDedicated Relationship Manager for 24/7 response, query resolution etc for both residents and MC membersYYYY

MyGate Gate/Security Management

FeaturesRemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
Guard devices (Assuming one device)Smartphone locked at root level with MyGate guard app loaded; Easy to use Interface for guards to useNYYY
Capture Temperature and Mask Info at gateGuard can capture visitors temperature and mask information at entry and exit and same gets reflected to residents in resident appNYYY
Daily help’s residential location and zone informationResident can add the address of daily help on their resident app and get to know if the same is in containment zone or notNYYY
Invited GuestsCan invite guest/groups using phonebook. An SMS goes to the visitor. In addition a “invitation card” be shared via whatsappNYYY
Unexpected GuestsSpot entry at gate triggering notification/IVR calls for approval. Option to call back to visitor from notificationNYYY
Seeking InviteAs an app user you can seek invite from your friends/relatives in other MyGate communitiesNYYY
Daily Helps (e.g maid, cook etc)Entry/Exit with passcode allotted and notification to concerned housesNYYY
Daily Help – digital gatepass, Attendance, Reviews/RatingResident can track daily help attendance with calendar and per day entry/exit timings. Review and ratings with details on punctuality, regularity etcNYYY
Daily Help – search with timingsResidents can search for maids by timingNYYY
Daily Helps – payment & recordingAbility to record advances and pay their daily help through UPINYYY
Vendors (delivery, cabs, other services etc)Spot entry at gate triggering notification/IVR calls for approvalNYYY
Group Visitor EntryLabourers & sub-contractors coming in group can have detailed entries with individual photographsNYYY
Frequent VisitorsIdentified frequent entries like school bus, tankers, etc have a separate feature on guard appNYYY
Recurring Invite for frequent visitorsResident can issue a long-term recurring invite with different OTP everydayNYYY
Photo CaptureSetting based for Vendors, optional for guestsNYYY
Automated Authentication (via App notification)Auto process of app notification to approve/deny visitor. Guard can move onto next entry submitting the first one.N
Automated Authentication (via IVR as back up)Auto process of notification followed by offline IVR Calls to get response. Guard can move onto next entry submitting the first one. Once approved/rejected by resident, guard will see in the guard app and take appropriate actionNNYY
Voice Command EntryGuard can enter name by voice commandNYYY
Digital record of water tankers, diesel, garbage, etc Society will have a digital record of water tanker, diesel and other common area related vehicle entryNYYY
Guard device parallel processingGuard can enter entries in parallel while waiting for approvals for earlier entriesNYYY
e-IntercomPrimary/Secondary numbers for flat to which IVR call goes. Works offline.NYYY
Pre ApprovalsResident can pre-approve guests, delivery, cabs and also exit of childrenNYYY
Resident IDAll residents registering or family members added get their unique ID code that can be used at gate for verificationNYYY
GatepassIn Gatepass can be generated by guard for material brought in and out gatepass can be generated by resident for what is taken outNYYY
Multi Flat ManagementA resident can manage multiple properties across India with one single AppNYYY
Child Safety AlertTo monitor/control children exiting the campus (goes to residents)NYYY
Panic button (Security alert)Residents can configure their family and friends to get alarmed in case of an incident and can raise instant alarm with shortcut icons (goes to guards also who acknowledge & call back)NYYY
Alexa/Google Home IntegrationAlexa integrated for residents to pre approve their visitors. Google Home integration to be completed in a monthNYYY
Notice BoardIn App notice to all residents/select towers/select flatsNYYY
Local ServicesSociety directory where resident can hire daily helps on temporary or permanent basis with access to their ratings and reviewsNYYY
Emergency ContactsIn Resident App to deal with emergency situationsNYYY
Multi Tier CheckinVisitor check-in can be done at gate and tower levelNNYY
Move In Move OutResidents’ move in and move out flow from the society with charge and security depositNNYY
Visitor Overstay AlertTo monitor overstay of delivery boys and cabs based on number of flats they made entry for (goes to guards who acknowledge)NNYY
Resident to Resident CallingResidents opting for this feature can call each other using appNNYY
Leave at GateResident can delegate the parcel to be collected by guard through photograph process which generates collection OTP for youNNNY
Request Visit CodeResidents can request the invite code (pre-approval) from their friends in other MyGate communitiesN

Vehicle Management

FeaturesRemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
VehiclesEntry/Exit with last four digits of the vehicle for all visitorsNYYY
Ability to contact vehicle ownerAbility to retrieve vehicle owner if needed (e.g. if vehicle parked in wrong place) & flat/villa where visitor visitedNNYY
Residents Parking Allocate approved number of parking slots to each flat/villaNYYY
Visitor ParkingSociety can define capacity for visitor vehicles. As visitor vehicles come in guard would know remaining visitor vehicle slots. The number of available visitor vehicle available dynamically updates based on visitors vehicle going in/outNNNY
Resident vehicle updates Residents can update vehicles via the appNYYY

Admin Dashboard

Features RemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
Manage SocietyFlats, Towers, Gates, Parking (Resident & Visitors) managementYYYY
Manage ResidentsOwners, tenants and their family managementYYYY
Manage Service ProvidersDaily Helper managementYYYY
Society Staff Attendance ManagementDetailed reports with flexibility to define multiple configurable shifts for different type of staffYYYY
ReportsVisitor Log View & download, Vehicle Movement Log, Gatepass Log, Investigation Page, Empty Flats Visit Log, etcYYYY
Admin APPAdmin can approve other residents registering from their App itself. We are bringing more controls and reporting to the App in following quarterYYYY
Unlimited EmailsReach out to residents via unlimited emailsYYYY
Unlimited Push NotificationsInstantly notify residents via push notifications on the MyGate appYYYY
Unlimited SMSOnly for Free version, the SMS is limited to 3 per flat/month, otherwise it is unlimited SMS for other packagesNYYY
SmartEye’ Attendance (Guard App)Selfie based attendance for staff where picture is taken only if light is proper and face is registered. FACIAL RECOGNITION in play. Auto attendance report available with flag like double shift made.NNYY
Masked Resident DirectoryGuard has ability to call resident without their number being revealed via the guard app. This is an additional module in the guard app that can started as an Ala carte packageNNNY

Complaint Management System

FeaturesRemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
Service RequestsResident can log complaint choosing category, sub-category, type, etc. Residents can provide description and attach photos of issues.YNYY
Status TrackingTrack status of service request tickets in several states like In Progress, Hold, Resolve, and Reopen. Status updated to residents as well.YNYY
Defaulter StatusTrack residents who have overdues. Can block such residents from raising service request.YNYY
Department ControlAssign and segregate a service request to admin approved departments. For instance, a service request can be segregated into plumbing, electrical, etc.YNYY
Category ControlAdmin can create categories and sub-categories. Download reports of service requests with category and subcategory details.YNYY
Complaint Staff RosterManage staff roster with planned and unplanned offs and holidays. Assign staff to a category and sub-category.YNYY
Manual AssignmentManually assign a request to a staff member based on category and tower. Assign a complaint to staff member based on category, sub-category and tower. YNYY
Auto AssignmentAuto assign work to staff members on the basis of work load, weekly off, etc. For instance, if a staff member is off then the task gets auto assigned to another member.YNYY
Auto EscalationDifferent level of escalation from Helpdesk User to Manager to Admin as per category and different duration. Admins can configure the levels as well as the duration. YNYY
ResolutionResident as well as Helpdesk User/Manager can resolve a ticket. Dual resolution helps in faster movement of tickets. YNYY
ReopeningResident has an option to reopen the ticket. Useful in the case if the issue persists or if the resident is not satisfied with the level of service. YNYY
Avg Closure Time ReportAverage time take to resolve a ticket based on category, tower, etc. YNYY
Category wise ReportPerformance management of departments like plumbing, electrical, landscaping, etc. Societies can track/analyse tickets per category and time taken to resolve them. YNYY
Tower wise ReportPerformance management of tower staff to determine SLAs and the performance of the staff. Can help in determining steps/duration between escalation levels.YNYY
Ratings & CommentsAssign ratings and add comments/feedback on the service as well as the providerYNYY


FeaturesRemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
Member ManagementAdd/remove RWA members as they move in and move out of the society. On listed RWA members get information pertinent to the society.YNNY
Staff ManagementAdd/remove staff members and assign them departments like plumbing, electrical, landscaping, etc. Change the list as service providers change.YNNY
Vendor MasterList of vendors with complete details like department, bank details, contact info, etc. Edit the list as vendors or service providers change. YNNY
Expense BookingPeriodic expense booking with GST, TDS options – with admin approval. View and download reports on expense with paid and unpaid vendors.YNNY
Purchase RequisitionRequisition of scope etc for initiating PO processYNNY
Purchase ApprovalMulti-level approval for a purchase request. Approval mechanism can be to a department or amount. YNNY
Purchase OrderRelease of purchase order (PO) with vendor details and approval mechanism. Send a PO directly to a vendor.YNNY
Vendor ReportingReports of vendors with service categorisation. Create, remove, edit and delete vendors from the list. YNNY
Non-member ManagementMaster Listing of non-members like chemist shop, stationery shop, yoga/zumba teacher etc. within the society. Track income generated by them.YNNY
Non-member DuesTrack of non-member for dues and receipts. Raise alarm for non-members who have not paid dues or any other requirement.YNNY
Asset MasterCreate, remove, edit and delete assets. Manage a master list of assets with description and location.YNNY
Asset CategorisationCategories to separate assets. Admin can control categories and assign service staff as well as service providers.YNNY
AMC ReminderSet periodic reminders to renew maintenance. Capture relevant details of service providers and manufacturer. YNNY
Asset ReportsReports to track different assets with location, description, year, model, manufacturer, quantity, prices, etc. YNNY
Inventory MasterList of inventories with location, stock quantity, and prices. Track inventory with usage, custodians, location, department, etc. YNNY
Stock Updating and Usage TrackingList of stock available and stock used. Replenish and track stock based on a minimum stock level and usage. YNNY
Inventory ReportsReports on inventory for all items or for one particular item. Details on the items at society level as well as at tower level.YNNY


FeaturesRemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
Amenity ListConfigure a list amenities/facilities like clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, etc. in a society. Custom create slots, advance booking, payments, etc.YNYY
Multiple AmenitiesIncorporate multiple amenities with booking and payment (paid or free) logic. Include amenities with diverse features.YNYY
Slot ConfigurationCreate custom slots with minutes, hours, or days duration. Configurable limit per flat per day as well as per month.YNYY
Slot LimitsDaily and monthly configurable limits to prevent overuse of an amenity by one flat. Set booking capacity for a slot.YNYY
Predefined RecipientsSend amenity related notifications to recipients like facility managers. Admins can chose not to receive notification for amenity bookings.NNYN
App based BookingResidents can check availability and book amenity slots from the app. Residents can pay and intimate payment information about booking.YNYY
Manager ConfirmationOption to reject and cancel a booking from admins. Approve offline payments. Auto intimation to residents on approval.YNYY
Payment OptionsMultiple in App payments option (UPI, Gateways, Wallets, etc). Least charges in the business. YNYY
Offline Payment ReconciliationReconcile offline payments like cheque and net banking. Use “I have paid option” to track offline payments and to auto reconcile bank statements.YNYY
Auto Calendar updateOnce booked, availability is blocked from calendar visible to residents. Assign maximum slots to every flat to prevent over usage by one flat. YNYY
Booking HistoryReport on past bookings. Track bookings based on houses/flats, status, and amenity. Download report for analysis. YNYY
Slot CapacityLimit how many members can access a slot YNYY
Out of Service Take an amenity out of service for periodic maintenanceYNYY

Billing & Accounting

FeaturesRemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
Multiple Charge-typesCalculate charges based on floor area or constant for any kind of invoices.YNNY
Group InvoicingIssue invoices with multiple line items in a single invoice with different GST rates.YNNY
Targeted InvoicingCreate invoices based on filters like towers, tenants, owners, flat type, etc.YNNY
Automatic Scheduled InvoicingSchedule invoicing based on date/period for auto billing to residents.YNNY
Auto charge CalculationAutomatically calculate the amount based on consumption, resident type, flat type, etc.YNNY
Customized Invoice formatHeader and footer options with the society logo and pagination. YNNY
Credit NoteIssue credit note against a charge head on an issued invoices. Keep a record of credit notes in a report.YNNY
Fixed DepositsTrack fixed deposits made in the society bank account. Record interest rate, maturity period, bank, etc.YNNY
Bank-Account OptionsAssign different bank accounts for different bills.YNNY
Bulk UploadBulk upload group invoices with details like amount and credit.YNNY
Complete GST ControlToggle GST on/off as applicable for a particular line item as per GST regulations.YNNY
Item wise Credit, GSTIssue instant discount/credit for separate charge heads in an invoice. Configure discounts based on area, resident type, etc.YNNY
Fine OptionsMultiple options for fine settings like rate-wise, amount-wise, custom settings. Rates can be constant or set as a percentage of overdue.YNNY
Advance AccountFlat-wise advance account. Transfer excess amount paid by a resident to advance account. Option to pay advance account to settle future dues.YNNY
Settlement from AdvanceAuto settle bills through advance account. YNNY
ArrearsOption to include consolidated arrears as well as bifurcated arrears as per charge accounts. YNNY
Multiple App Payment OptionsPay through UPI, net banking, VPA, credit card, debit card, foreign cards. Integration with major payment gateways.YNNY
Least Transaction Charges Least transaction charges for UPI/net banking and lowest rates with debit/credit cardsYNNY
App Dues StatementTrack dues and overdues for each resident in app.YNNY
App Account StatementView and pay invoices, receipts, overdues, security deposit and advance in app. YNNY
Payment IntimationOffline payment intimation to estate office to verify the payments made through EFT, cheque and cash.YNNY
Auto Dues ReceiptsReceipts are auto generated when a resident makes online payment or through advance. YNNY
Partial Payment OptionsResidents can make partial payments against dues. Configurable admin setting.YNNY
Credit Note and DiscountIssue credit note on past invoices as well as issue discount/credit on the un-issued invoices.YNNY
Auto ReconciliationOnline payments get auto reconciled.YNNY
Reconciliation Exception ReportReport on unreconciled payments. YNNY
General LedgerRecord detailing of all ledgers related to assets, liabilities, income and expense.YNNY
General PaymentsAssess petty expenses at one place.YNNY
General ReceiptsTrack petty incomes through sundry sources.YNNY
Chart of AccountsCreate and manage different account heads with proper hierarchy linking to general ledgers, categories and sub-categories.YNNY
Journal VouchersTrack all types of adjustment entries like debit/credit notes.YNNY
Cash/Bank TransfersRecord transfer of liquid assets between office and multiple bank accounts. Configure the section to accommodate various bank accounts.YNNY
Uploads & DownloadsA separate section to easily upload daily transactions or download in bulk when required.YNNY
Accounting ReportsComprehensive suite of reports for download to make accounting simpler. Reports like BS, P&L, GST Report, TDS Report, etc.YNNY
DefaultersList of defaulters with overdues.YNNY
Dues ReportsReport on society-wide collective dues, dues by particular bills, dues by particular account head.YNNY
Collection ReportsReports for every flat on all collections sorted by individual bill or particular account head. YNNY
Advance Collection ReportFlat-wise report on advances collected from residents. YNNY
Dues, Advance Balance & Security Deposit ReportBalance report on dues, advance and security deposit. Report generated for all flats at one place with period wise filters.YNNY
Income/Expense ReportsSeparate reports with periodic graphical analysis for better understanding of income-expenditure as well as cash flow.YNNY
Trial BalanceAs-of date trial balance details with accrued income and provisions included.YNNY
Balance SheetAs-of date actual balance in Schedule VI and N Format. YNNY
Day BookTrack all types of transactions – payments, receipts, JV – for any particular day. YNNY
TDS ReportReport on TDS Payable collected from vendors and needed to be paid. YNNY
GST ReportReport on GST input and output needed to complete monthly, quarterly or yearly GST filings. YNNY
Existing Accounts Migration to MyGateMigrate accounts from another platform to MyGate.YNNY
Security DepositAccept security deposit from residents for amenities, move-in. etc.YNNY
Issue Recurring InvoicesSet auto invoicing feature on to issue recurring invoicesYNNY
CustomisationCustomise invoices with logo, GST, etc.YNNY
RemindersSend unlimited SMS, emails and push notificationsNYYY
Cash Payment ReconciliationEnter cash amounts for reconciliation in booksYNNY


FeaturesRemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
Zero convenience feeNo charge from MyGate on transactionsYNNY
Zero charge on UPI & RuPayZero charge on UPIYNNY
All Payment ModesPay through UPI, net banking, credit card, debit card, RuPay, Diners Card, Amex, etc. YNNY
Integration with different Payment Gateways (PGs)Major PGs with all different modes of paymentsYNNY
Foreign CardsUse foreign cards to make society paymentsYNNY
App as well Web DashboardPayments through the app as well as through web dashboardYNNY
Auto Bank ReconciliationCustom fields in bank statement for easier reconciliationYNNY
Virtual AccountsVirtual accounts facility from a leading bankYNNY
Dedicated Financial Operations TeamDedicated financial operations team to monitor failures/disputes and prompt helpYNNY
Different Types Payments for maintenance, security deposit, funds, salaries, etc.YNNY
Settlement in Short TimeSettlement to society accounts in a short spanYNNY
PartnershipsPartnerships with leading banks (Yes, Kotak, ICICI) and payment gatewaysYNYY


FeaturesRemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
Group CreationCreate custom groups for functions, hobbies, and others. YYYY
Email/SMSSend email and SMS either to selected groups or to all.YYYY
Opinion PollsCreate opinion polls to gauge interest of residents.YYYY
Secret PollsCreate discrete polls for election purposes.YYYY
MeetingConduct meetings and record minutes of meetings.YYYY
Delivery ReportsTrack whether an email or a SMS was actually delivered.YYYY
Personal DocumentsMake documents visible only to concerned flats and admins.YYYY
Society DocumentsStore and retrieve all documents of a society at one location.YYYY
Recurring Non-recurring TasksCreate, assign and intimate recurring and non-recurring tasks to staff members. YYYY
Management DocumentsSave documents and made them available to RWA members.YYYY
Flat-wise and Society-wise DocumentsStore documents specific to a flat as well as relevant to a whole societyYYYY

Integrations & Partnerships

FeaturesRemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
Swiggy, Zomato, Freshmenu, etc 12 B2B partnershipsB2B partnership for lesser congestion at gate, no imposters entering the society and disturbance free delivery to residents. No data is shared by MyGate with any of its partnersYYYY
ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) SystemAuto Number Plate Reader for Vehicle identification and notificationsNNNN
Prepaid MetersIntegrated with multiple prepaid meter vendors present across the country.NYYY
TallyAccounts compatible with Tally to do further financial analysis.NNNN
NewspapersAvail 12+ national newspapers as well as several regional newspapersYYYY
GroceriesOrder groceries through MyGate appYYYY

Admin Types

FeaturesRemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
Cluster Admin DashboardOne Admin can control multiple sitesYYYY
Dashboard AdminSuper admin with full controls with roles & rights assignments for admins belowYYYY
View Only Admin DashboardSuch Admin can only view everything without limitationYYYY
Dashboard ManagerCan view details (key field masked) but not downloadYYYY
Accounts Dashboard ManagerCan only access Accounting part of ERP dashboardYYYY
Helpdesk Dashboard ManagerCan only access Helpdesk part of ERP dashboardYYYY
AccountantCan only access accounting part of ERP dashboardYNNY

Covid Combat Features

FeaturesRemarksLifetime Free ERPBasicPremiumElite
Smart Eye AttendanceMake your society contactless with staff attendance using MyGate’s smart facial recognition technology to keep the fingerprint biometrics at bay.NNYY
Temperature and Mask Info at gateGuard can capture visitors temperature and mask information at entry and exit and same gets reflected to residents in resident appNYYY
Daily help’s residential location and zone informationResident can add the address of daily help on their resident app and get to know if the same is in containment zone or notNYYY
Resident entry / exitUse MyGate and enable security guards to record/restrict the entry of residents/visitors so they can trace back if needed and take proactive steps during an emergency.NYYY
Vendor at GateEnsure residents never miss out on buying essentials. Make essential vendors available to your residents by setting up notifications for their arrival on the MyGate appNYYY
Leave at GateEnable Leave at Gate feature to curb the spread of COVID-19. Contactless deliveries are facilitated via this feature to ensure effective social distancing.NYYY
Healthcare at HomeGet free online medical consultations, discounted health checkups and online pharmacy deliveries from the likes of MedLife and mfine on the appYYYY
Free e-newspaperGet uninterrupted updates from your city with the top 20 newspapers & magazines – such as The Deccan Herald, Outlook, mid-day and more – delivered on the appYYYY
Grocery EssentialsWith MyGate’s exclusive partnerships with Grofers, ITC, BOX 8 and StoreSe, get express deliveries to your society in one go and never miss out on daily essentials.YYYY

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