Clubhouse Entry

What is Clubhouse Entry?

The Clubhouse Entry feature on MyGate enables a society to maintain control over clubhouse access, allowing only authorized residents and their guests to utilize the Clubhouse facilities. It also allows the Society management to understand the utilization of the facility and provides details in case of disputes or misuse of any equipment. The management committee also has the option of restricting any resident’s entry into the clubhouse. For example, if a resident fails to pay maintenance charges or moves out of society, their 6-digit MyGate passcode can be invalidated.

How it works

Provide your unique 6-digit passcode to the guard at the entrance of the clubhouse→ Fill in details (Facility/Guests) → Check In

The guard will mark your entry!

Key Benefits of Clubhouse Entry

Resident Exclusivity: By restricting access to authorized residents and their guests, the feature safeguards the clubhouse facilities, reducing security risks.
Easy Monitoring: Society management can get valuable insights into clubhouse usage patterns, leading to informed decision-making and efficient resource usage.
Entry Restrictions: The management committee has the option to restrict access for residents with outstanding dues or those who have moved out of the community.

It’s impossible for guards to know the names and faces of every resident in the community. As a result, many communities’ clubhouses often end up being used by unauthorized users which can create a huge security threat. Clubhouse Entry ensures that only authorized residents have access to the facilities


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