Feature in Focus: Vehicle Management

June 26, 2019
By Team MyGate

The Vehicle Management feature ensures that no unauthorized vehicles can enter the community and help residents with drivers know when their car has entered or is leaving.

What is Vehicle Management?

Communities usually keep track of vehicles entering and exiting a community with RFID tags or stickers. This is both expensive and ineffective.

MyGate’s vehicle tracking feature employs a simple method to keep a track of your vehicle’s movement in and out of the society (helps especially in cases where you have a driver or share your car with your children or family).

The guards are trained to log in numbers of visitors’ vehicles. If it is found that the visitor has parked in the wrong space, the guard can simply enter the vehicle number to fetch the contact of visitor or resident and resolve the problem.

Why we built this feature

Gated communities have ample parking space. Outsiders and cabs using society parking space illegally to park vehicles is a common problem reported across societies. MyGate’s Vehicle Management feature is a simple solution to the problem of unauthorised vehicles.

How it works

All residents need to update their profile with details of their vehicles. Here’s what you need to do.

1. On the MyGate app, click on ‘Household’ and go to ‘My Vehicles’;
2. Click on ‘+ADD’;
3. In a pop-up window, you will be asked to enter the vehicle number, the name and the type of vehicle;
4. Click on ‘Submit’ and a new card will be shown on your activity feed confirming the addition of your vehicle.

Every time your car or two-wheeler enters or leaves your society, the guard is responsible for entering the last 4-digits of your vehicle number and confirming whether it is entering the society or leaving.

This feature keeps out unauthorised vehicles and provides important information to residents about their vehicle entry and exit.

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  1. I need to know more. My concern is that all vehicles are allowed entry into our society and we do not have visitor parking area. We are a large society and we expect cars to make it in quickly and then leave within 30 mins.

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