FAQs on Information Privacy

MyGate has a strong commitment to user privacy and has, therefore, implemented GDPR guidelines, widely considered to be the global gold standard in this regard. Here are a few questions we are frequently asked regarding our policies.

Is MyGate app safe?

Yes, MyGate app is absolutely safe as it is ISO 27001 certified and completely data privacy and security compliant.
All MyGate systems follow the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines, widely considered the global data privacy gold standard. GDPR enables all MyGate users to always retain full control over their personal information.
With all industry best practices in place – SSL encryption, access restrictions, firewalls, RSA key sequential authentications – the app is fully encrypted with secure data transmission.

Are there any disadvantages of using the MyGate app?

Since its inception, MyGate has proven to be of great advantage to gated communities. Today, the app benefits millions of Indian homes by simplifying daily chores and improving security standards across thousands of gated communities. We’re constantly innovating and adding new features for the benefit of our societies.
Here are 5 reasons why your society should be using MyGate.

Is my personal data safe with MyGate?

Yes, your personal data is safe with MyGate. MyGate follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines, which enables all MyGate users to always retain full control over their personal information. Here’s how:
1. Visitors need not share their phone number at the gate
2. Visitor data is deleted from the systems after 180 days by default
3. Residents can choose for their personal data to be deleted
4. Residents have access to the data log
5. All personal data is masked
There’s also a designated data protection officer to ensure correct processing of data within GDPR guidelines.

Does MyGate share information with any third-parties?

Not at all. MyGate has never traded in user information or shared data with a third-party. This has always been the case, and will remain so as we’ve implemented GDPR guidelines.

My friend lives in a society that uses MyGate. Can I be asked by the guard to share my phone number?

MyGate does not require a visitor’s phone number to be entered at the gate. This applies to visitors who arrive unannounced at the gate and even when a resident creates a pre-invite for a guest. Just the name and apartment number are sufficient for entry.
However, as the log is maintained by the RWA, they may sometimes require that the visitor submit his/her phone number. In such cases, a phone number will be needed at the gate.
Do note, however, that all visitor information is deleted automatically at our societies periodically – every 60, 90 or 180 days. There is no exception to this rule.

Is MyGate an opt-in service?

Yes, our app is optional. As a resident, whether a tenant or owner, you have complete freedom to decide whether or not you wish to use our services.

Even if you are storing the information securely and adopting strict privacy controls, the guards have access to everything on the phone. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of everything else?

All guards use devices provided by MyGate that are locked to our software. Therefore, the only app or functionality that is supported is the MyGate Guard App. All inputs are inaccessible the moment they are punched in.

As a tenant, what details can my landlord see?

Your landlord has no access to your activities. He/she will have limited access to the app, to, for example, view the digital notice board and follow discussion forums.

What if I’ve left my phone at home and my visitor is at the gate? Is there a process to fall back to traditional processes?

Yes, of course. The availability of technology does not mean that we forget traditional ways of doing things. Guards are trained to follow the traditional procedure of letting someone in.

It appears that I can see where a particular maid or nanny is employed at my society. Can this be turned off?

Yes, this information can be removed for any society.

Is any personal information shared with third-party sites like Swiggy, Dunzo, Zomato during the Validated Entries process?

We do not share any of your personal data with any third party. When Swiggy, Dunzo, Zomato or any other of our eCommerce partners is asked to make a delivery to a MyGate society, it sends us information of the address being delivered to and delivery executive it has assigned. This feature, therefore, works on an address matching algorithm. At no point is any phone number or other personal details shared. The address shared is what the delivery executive would share with the guard at the gate a few minutes later. You can learn more about the process by going through Settings > Flat > Validated Entries > FAQ on the MyGate app.
The purpose of the feature is to make the entry process safer as only the assigned delivery person can make an entry into the society. It also ensures a faster delivery.

I have stopped pre-approvals for some eCommerce partners, but continue to receive messages from pre-approval. What’s wrong?

We have two features to speed up approvals at the gate – early approvals and auto approvals. It is likely that you have the former enabled on your app, which is why you continue to receive the message.

I was forced to give my picture and Aadhaar card details to enter a society.

There is no such requirement at any MyGate society. Any guest may enter a society with the approval of a resident by only sharing his/her name. Housing societies may require additional information to be submitted from time to time, but this is not mandated by MyGate.

I shared my information at a friend’s society gate. For how long will MyGate store this data? Is there a way to delete it?

All visitor logs are deleted from our systems after 180 days, though some societies have chosen shorter time periods of 60 or 120 days as well. However, we enable all visitors to delete such a record, with the permission of the resident welfare association (which owns the information and may be required to retain it for security purposes). To get this done, please follow the process mentioned here.

I was required to share my number to receive an OTP. I was permitted entry only after I shared this number with the guard. This takes too long.

If you are visiting as a guest, you needn’t share your phone number for entry. You are only required to share your name and the flat number of the resident you intend to visit.

Community management apps require substantial information from residents. Do I have a choice in sharing my information?

To benefit from the services of MyGate, you would need to share some personal information with us. While there may be little choice in sharing this information, MyGate itself is purely an optional service. That said, MyGate has the strongest data controls of any app in the industry. We have implemented GDPR guidelines, widely considered the global data privacy gold standard. This means that you have complete control over the information you share with us.

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