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Complete access to all our Security features

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What it includes

Includes over 80 features, such as

  • Visitor Management
  • eIntercom
  • Delivery Management
  • Tiered Security Solution
  • Daily Help Management
  • Resident-to-Resident Calling
  • Leave at Gate
  • Security Alert
  • plus all add-ons such as MyGate Homes, MyGate Buy & Sell & MyGate Home Services


Complete security module & starter Community features

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What it includes

Includes over 120 features, such as

  • All features in Basic and
  • Payments
  • Communications
  • Polls
  • Notice Board
  • Move-in & Move-out
  • Helpdesk
  • Amenities Booking


The complete suite of MyGate features

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What it includes

Includes over 165 features, such as

  • All features in Premium and
  • Asset & Inventor Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Final Accounts
  • Balance Sheet

Note: The above plans are for societies. Users who would like to go ad-free can individually opt for a monthly or a yearly subscription to our Premium plan. Once upgraded, you will have full control over brand communications and promotions.

You can upgrade to Premium through app via the following steps:
Profile > Know your society plan > Upgrade to Premium

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the implementation steps and how do you ensure that residents understand the features of MyGate?

Having onboarded 25,000 societies, rest assured you are in good hands with out team. The MyGate team begins by training the security guards. This training is provided throughout the lifetime of the product. Simultaneously we share videos, user manuals and FAQ documents for residents to understand the purpose of the app. In case you have opted for our Accounting package, we also provide training to the RWA, accountant and assist in data migration.

2. Does every resident have to download MyGate app?

We recommend downloading of MyGate app for residents to enjoy the full benefits of MyGate. However residents do not necessarily have to download MyGate app if they do not wish to. The key feature of visitor authentication can be done via an automated voice call that goes to a mobile number or landline number as decided by the resident.

3. Our security guards are not very educated and keep changing. What about the training of guards?

To start with, the guard application has been designed in such a way that any person who understands numbers (0–9) can easily use it. We provide complete on-boarding/training of the guards during implementation. In addition, MyGate takes complete ownership of training the guards through the life of the contract — anytime and any number of times.

4. Do I have to keep other systems like access cards, biometrics? 

MyGate is a simple, comprehensive, technology solution which gives all the values that a community desires from isolated systems like access cards, biometrics, car stickers and intercom. With MyGate in play, you do not have to invest in any of the above mentioned other solutions. MyGate’s features include real time domestic help management, vehicle tracking, automated visitor authentication, staff attendance etc. MyGate is not a replacement for a physical barrier and CCTV. However, in case a gated community is insistent on integrating MyGate with their existing system, that too is possible.

5. How established is your ERP software? 

Our award-winning ERP software is the largest and most complete system in the country, with over 6000 housing societies using it for accounting, helpdesk, vendor management, communications and more. Our integrations with third-party providers such as Tally also ensure a smooth experience for all your other vendors. Please take a look at our complete product.

6. My residents are concerned about their personal information. What steps are you taking to ensure it is always protected? 

MyGate offers the most advanced set of privacy features among B2C apps in India. Not only do we comply with existing laws such as ISO-27001, we have gone beyond by making ourselves GDPR-ready (i.e. we comply with the General Data Protection Regulations, considered the gold standard when it comes to data privacy). No personal information flows out of our app without the consent of our users. For more on data privacy, click here.