Visitors’ Data Privacy on MyGate

>MyGate believes that every visitor should have a great experience at the gate. This extends to your data, too. We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. The information below sets out the reasons for data collection, how it is managed and the control you have over it.

Visitor Entry
As part of the standard MyGate visitor workflow, residents can generate a unique passcode and share it with their visitors. This code will help in seamless entry at the gate. In case the visitor doesn’t have an invite, his/her information is taken at the gate and sent to the resident for approval, so that the resident can recognize/call the person seeking entry.

Data Collection
We are providers of technology to community Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), which maintain logs of all visitors to their premises. This entails the collection and storage of certain information, including your name, phone number and the flat/apartment that approves your visit. The data is collected on a MyGate device given to the security guard appointed by the RWAs. The security guard cannot access data from the device with them.

Data Ownership
The data pertaining to the Visitor is owned by the respective(RWA) / Community / Management Committee. Through MyGate Solution, RWA’s maintain a log of all visitors to their premises. MyGate is only the provider of technology to maintain this log.

Your Privacy Controls
As a visitor. you can request the community to remove your data. MyGate can also facilitate the same by seeking the consent from the community and resident. The process is explained below:

a. Send an email to [email protected] with your name, phone number, date and the society you visited;b. This will trigger a request to the RWA and the resident;c. Once approved by the RWA & the resident, your data will be deleted from the system.