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Take your audience on a joy ride

Take your audience on a joy ride


Being home to over 4 million affluent households in India’s most flourishing residential neighbourhoods, there is notable demand for automobiles and related services in Mygate communities. From car and bike enthusiasts to residents looking to upgrade their cars or availing car servicing at home, there is a healthy mix you will find here.

Since the launch of the Ad Platform in 2021, several global automobile brands have seen success with us, including Audi, Volvo, Lexus, MG Motors, Cars24, Honda and more.
Whatever your objective – creating a buzz around new launches, giving residents a test drive of the latest models, boosting footfall at a dealership or setting up an expo with car & bike displays in communities – speak to us to learn why you should be reaching our audience.


Mygate enables seamless integration of digital and offline properties to create awareness around new brand launches and get users to visit the nearest dealerships.
To foster engagement and establish direct contact with the community residents, we enable brands to set up in-society displays, or experience zones to avail automobile services like engine checks, oil changes, vehicle valuation etc.
Our platform offers pincode-based targeting, allowing you to select specific communities where you want to showcase your brand through offline and online campaigns. This ensures focused marketing efforts, thus, maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns.
Through interactive and one-click lead generation formats, we make it convenient for auto brands to reach within communities. This enables auto brands to reach out to community residents and encourage them to experience the vehicles firsthand. Many brands have received on-spot bookings through this setup.



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