Ad Platform: Healthcare

Make healthcare accessible for users

Make healthcare accessible for users


Home to over 4 million affluent households in India’s most flourishing residential neighbourhoods, there is notable demand for healthcare services in Mygate communities. From individuals to large families, everyone seeks to get the best healthcare within close proximity of their residence.

Since the launch of the Ad Platform in 2021, several Healthcare brands have seen success with us, Medanta, Orange Health, Tata 1MG, Apollo Cradle, Cloudnine, Motherhood Hospitals etc.

Whatever your brand objective may include – creating awareness about your services, interacting with residents through offline mediums, doing PAN city outreach, informing residents about a new centre and much more – talk to us and learn why you should be reaching our audience on Mygate.



Mygate enables seamless integration of digital and offline properties to create awareness around your brand. You can choose to use our phygital capabilities to educate residents to reinforce trust and build loyalty which is essential in the healthcare system.

We help brands reach out within communities with a physical setup. Health camps where residents can visit and consult with healthcare personnel have seen great success in Mygate communities so far.

Our platform offers pincode-based targeting, allowing you to select specific communities where you want to showcase your brand through offline and online campaigns.

Through our interactive formats, we help brands get an insight into the specific needs of residents and overall communities to allow them to provide personalised services.



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