Come aboard.
Bring the smarts.

If you've got the ideas, we've got the platform to bring them to life.


We believe in the plurality of thought and self-expression. It’s how new ideas are born, and careers are built. Our success story is a mosaic of an eclectic bunch working towards building better living experiences for everyone.

Within the walls of Mygate is an organised chaos: many tangents of innovation stemming from independent ideas come together to form a spectacle. The genius is infectious. It's what we call collaborated individualism.

Our values

“We set out to create tech that is ubiquitous, and yet invisible. Our aim is to effortlessly improve the quality of everyday living.”

Abhishek Awasthi, Engineering


An ecosystem for everyone

A typical Mygate day revolves around understanding the consumer to their core, and tapping into your potential to create a living experience that they will treasure.

You might thrive in the chaos of a brainstorm, or be your most creative self on your own. Wherever your strengths lie, we encourage you to be your best self, and work towards one goal. We believe in the power of several minds working in tandem towards one goal.

Our people

Amartya Mishra, Tech

“I came for the growth opportunities, but I stayed for the impact my work has had on households across the country- and now the world. Every day is an exercise in thinking outside the box.”

Divija Marwaha, Operations

“Every day I wake up and actually look forward to going in to work. How many can relate to that? I was allowed the privilege of working across 3 verticals in the last 3 years, and each one has been a great learning experience.”

Ashwani Thakur, Ad-sales

"The last 4 years with MyGate have been the most rewarding of my career yet. I’ve learnt from an eclectic bunch of people, and everyday continues to be a new experience. The flexible working hours have truly helped maintain my work-life balance!"

Smitha Singh, People

“I’m a full-time HR manager, just as much as I am a full-time mom. No compromises on either role, and I would have it no other way. The flexibility that MyGate offers to parents is like no other.”

Benefits at Mygate

We provide health insurance for you and your family.

We offer six months of maternity, and 2 weeks of paternity leave.

Our flexi benefits allows you to modify components of your salary with LTA & meal cards.

We provide the opportunity to transfer across verticals, to empower you with an eclectic experience.