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Find your next batch of aspirants

Find your next batch of aspirants


Being home to over 4 million affluent households in India’s most flourishing residential neighbourhoods, there is notable demand for educational services in Mygate communities. From parents looking for primary to senior school admission to IT professionals looking to upskill themselves, you’ll find them all here.

Since the launch of the Ad Platform in 2021, several major brands have seen success with us, including Unacademy, Klay Schools, Simplilearn and National Public School.

Whatever your objective – lead generation for a new course, raising awareness about a new campus or promoting student achievements – speak to us to learn why you should be reaching our audience.



Our platform enables pin code-based targeting. This means we can reach out specifically to students residing in communities near your school, creating a substantial audience base that is geographically relevant.

Mygate enables seamless integration of digital and offline properties to inform parents and students about your brand, accomplishments, teaching pedagogy and more.

To foster engagement and establish direct contact with the community residents, we enable offline activations to allow for brands to interact with students and parents, leading to better understanding and recognition of your institution.

Through interactive forms or one-click lead generation formats, we make it convenient for potential students and parents to inquire about courses, further streamlining the enrollment process and boosting admissions.



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