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From enhancing security to simplifying maintenance collection, and everything in between - make all RWA duties a breeze.


Bridge the gap between your residents, security, accounting, and the many moving parts of community management from one platform.
Mygate is invisible, all-pervasive, and the one solution that checks off all your RWA duties. We empower your residents with security and convenience, and you, with more time for yourself.

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Powering the security protocol, RWA operations and communication module in every major residential area of our top cities.​

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Digitise every aspect of community management: security at the gate, maintenance collections, clubhouse bookings, complaints resolution, etc.

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With over 150k ratings, the Mygate app still maintains the highest user score in the country by a huge margin, with 4.5 on Play Store and 4.8 on the App Store.​

99.9% Uptime

Our robust platform supports over a billion gate entries, Rs.3000 crore in society dues and 6 million bookings by maintaining an uptime of near 100%!

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Reinventing a 60 year old community

Reinventing a 60 year old community

The Mysore Cooperative Housing in Mumbai’s Chembur area is an oasis in the crowded city, it comprises over 100 bungalows and many lush green spaces across several acres of land.

Like all large communities, it also needs to deal with the growing footfall at the gate, the threat of water-borne disease, and much else, particularly given that the majority of residents here are senior citizens.

Jayaram Sharma, who has been the Chairman of the society for four years and has lived here since the 1960s, discussed with us the various ways in which the 10-member management committee ensures a healthy, secure, and happy community.

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