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It's always more the merrier

It's always more the merrier


Whether you're a foodie, a sports jock, or a devoted pet parent, you’ll definitely find your tribe. Because that’s how happier and wholesome communities work.

By seamlessly integrating technology with community living, Mygate has revolutionized the way residents interact and engage with one another, fostering social cohesion like never before. Your journey to a more enriched, more fulfilling community life, where every moment is extraordinary starts here.



An all in one platform to manage, share & celebrate within your community

Enable your residents list items to sell or browse through listings to buy products they need on virtual marketplace

Help your residents find top rated service providers in your area and hire them in a click of a button!


Allow your residents to buy, sell and rent homes
exclusively in gated societies

Speak up and shape change with easy to start election polls and surveys within your community

Your data doesn't
interest us

Your data doesn't interest us

Privacy is ingrained right from the start, beginning from the moment you download Mygate app to each instance of feature usage.

Data privacy and information security are among the core values of Mygate, and we go the distance to uphold them.

Our policies go beyond what is expected by law, so you choose what to do with your information at all times.

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