Security management

Security knows no bedtime

Security knows no bedtime


For us security comes first and second. When it comes to safeguarding what's crucial, rest assured, we have the expertise to provide a reliable solution. Our commitment is to always keep your guard up, allowing you the peace of mind to relish what truly counts.



Easily manage visitor access, pre-approve entries, and share multiple guest invites ensuring enhanced security and convenience for everyone

A simple, effective system to aid and strengthen a society’s guard patrolling and monitoring system round the clock

Get notified if your little ones try to leave the gated communities

Record daily help attendance, entry-exit timings and pay salaries through the app

Ensure that no unauthorized vehicles can enter the community and help residents with drivers know when their car has entered or is leaving

Add up to 3 contacts who will be notified at times of emergencies including the guards

Raise instant alarms in case of emergencies

We’ll ensure delivery executives or cab drivers don’t overstay their welcome

Allow your packages be left securely at the gate

Your data doesn't
interest us

Your data doesn't interest us

Privacy is ingrained right from the start, beginning from the moment you download Mygate app to each instance of feature usage.

Data privacy and information security are among the core values of Mygate, and we go the distance to uphold them.

Our policies go beyond what is expected by law, so you choose what to do with your information at all times.

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