Anytime anywhere

Anytime anywhere


Whether you're soaking up the mountain air or lounging by the waves, we ensure you stay connected to who's arriving at your doorstep. Pre-approve your friends, cab drivers, delivery executives, and visiting help, ensuring seamless access and hassle-free experiences from literally anywhere, anytime.


1. Click on pre-approval on your homescreen.

2. Select Guest/Cab/Daily Help/Delivery type for approval.​

3. Enter specific visitor details such as delivery time or daily help type.​

4. The visitor will be allowed inside the community based on the details provided.

Click on “View All” option on the home screen & then proceed to edit/delete on the pre-approval activity card

When any visitor is at the main gate, the security guard will input the details of the visitor in the guard app. The system will pre-approve the entry if the category of the entry, vendor name and the timeframe of the entry matches with the pre-approval you have created.


In order to ensure the guard does not mistakenly allow any other visitor inside, the guard will not be notified about the pre-approval beforehand. A visitor is allowed only if all the 3 criteria are matched between resident’s request of pre approval and guard’s visitor entry.