Auto Case Study

Cars24 bring car services to the doorstep


Mygate helped a premium online car retailer to reach users, create brand awareness and generate leads. The brand sought to reach out to a large audience to build a stronger brand presence and create a buzz!

The brand also gave some exciting discounts & extended warranties which helped them to engage a huge number of users.


The brand used Spotlight, a digital property in the Mygate app, which showcased its offers & feasibility. From there, they took the users to a content page that gave more information about the brand & its products and obtained genuine interest from sellers & buyers. The brand also asked for some details from the users to capture some unique information about them.


In this 21-day-long campaign across 4 major cities, the brand managed 32 lac+ impressions, 21k+ clicks, and 600 genuine leads with 0.65% CTR.

This campaign is yet another example of how Mygate can be an ideal platform for brands to reach their target audience, increase brand awareness, and boost sales!

About the brand

You don’t need to go down a design rabbit hole to create a brand that stands out. A bold font, a striking color palette, and mindful use of negative space are enough.

Choose one design element, like a font or color palette, and make it striking! Try balancing the simplicity of a serif font with a clashing color palette of electric blue, neon green, and yellow. Or, you could use a large, bold display font with a muted pink and blue palette.

In 2023, brands opt for simple elements that pack a punch to get their message across. This branding trend rose from the need for simplicity and structure without sacrificing creativity.

It’s a modern look and suits up-and-coming brands that offer a unique product or service. Or for businesses that want to stand out from a loud and crowded market.