Healthcare Case Study

HealthifyMe’s brings personalized health to users


The brand’s primary intention was to redirect the audience to its webpage so that they could ask them some basic questions and get them going with their personalised health plans. While at it, the brand also wanted to use the campaigns for brand awareness and lead generation.


To meet the objective, Mygate’s proposed to run a digital campaign targeting 3.5 million households residing in 25000 gated communities located in 27 major Indian cities.

The brand used Pulse, Spotlight, and PAS. Initially, the brand wanted to merely redirect the audience to its webpage. However, the brand made use of Mygate’s internal lead generation and got great results. The audience was redirected to a set of questions, in both these cases that would help the brand understand the lifestyle and health choices of the individual and assign them with a personalised coach to start with a health plan.


The brand reached out to almost 3.5 million users on the Mygate app in 27 major Indian cities. The campaign reached approximately 85K+ homes, garnering over 4 mn impressions, and achieving a remarkable 31.26% CTR.

About the brand

HealthifyMe, a leading healthcare company specializing in personalized nutritional diet plans, is well-suited for advertising on the Mygate app. As a healthcare brand, HealthifyMe’s target audience, consisting of individuals seeking to improve their health through better nutrition, perfectly aligns with the resident community using the Mygate app.

Through strategic advertising on Mygate, HealthifyMe can effectively engage with its target audience, raise awareness about the importance of nutrition, and offer personalized diet plans and guidance, further solidifying its position as a trusted partner in helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.