Healthcare Case Study

Tata Health gives Covid vaccine access to residents


When the world started opening up again after Covid 19, vaccines and booster shots were the need of the hour. This healthcare brand rose to the occasion and planned to reach as many communities as possible.

The brand’s primary intention was to set up kiosks in these gated communities to provide people with booster shots in their comfort spaces and allow them to forego their inhibition of visiting hospitals.


To meet the objective, Mygate proposed to run a pre-hype digital campaign with notice boards, spotlights, interstitials, and other in-app features, generating sufficient and increased reaction for the desired event.

Mygate team was aware of the brand’s objectives which were beyond business & more like the need of the hour. Since the campaign was not only to get leads but to enable people to take the vaccine, they sought Mygate’s help to reach more societies.

As a part of the pre-hype, the users received a notification in advance. On the event day, kiosks were set up at the venue. People walked into these kiosks to get booster shots within their comfort space, without any need to go to hospitals. They were also educated about the other services they could avail from Tata Health.


The brand ran a PAN India campaign through the Mygate app. The campaign reached out to several Mygate homes all over India. There was a 25% kiosk turnout with a 10% lead conversion.

About the brand

Tata Health, a leading digital healthcare service, stands to benefit greatly from advertising on the Mygate app. As a healthcare brand, Tata Health’s target audience, consisting of residents seeking convenient and accessible healthcare solutions, perfectly aligns with the user base of the Mygate app.

Tata Health can effectively engage with its target audience, raise awareness about its digital healthcare offerings, and provide valuable healthcare resources to residents, further establishing itself as a trusted partner in promoting health and well-being in the community.