Healthcare Case Study

Motherhood brings care in the hands Of new moms


Motherhood’s objective was to establish its brand presence to a wider audience and redirect them to its website, leveraging Mygate’s notice board and interstitial features.

The brand wanted to get directly to the screens of the audience, and redirect them to their website.


To meet the objective, Mygate’s proposal was to run a digital campaign targeting households in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Coimbatore. The campaign comprised five phases: push notifications to homes in Bangalore and Mumbai, interstitial ads highlighting the brand’s gynecologists and healthcare services for women, push notifications in Coimbatore, targeted push notifications in Whitefield, and a registration drive for a magic show as part of the brand’s CSR efforts.

We helped the brand select target geographies for enhanced market penetration and helped them create a compelling campaign through Digital Notifications. These notifications provided comprehensive details about Motherhood and their expertise. The CTA button redirected to their official website where users could go through the services & specialities.


The brand reached out to over 2 million users on the Mygate app in Bangalore, Mumbai & Coimbatore. Over the course of three months, the campaign reached approximately 70,000 homes, garnering over 10 Mn impressions, 20,000 reads, and achieving a remarkable 3.05% redirection rate. 

About the brand

Motherhood, a healthcare company specializing in fertility and gynaecological services, finds an ideal advertising platform in the Mygate app. As a healthcare brand, Motherhood’s target audience, including individuals seeking fertility treatments and gynaecological care, aligns seamlessly with the resident community using the Mygate app.

Through strategic advertising on Mygate, Motherhood can effectively engage with its target audience, raise awareness about its specialized services, and provide valuable healthcare resources to residents, further solidifying its position as a trusted healthcare provider in the community.