Lifestyle Case Study

Mygate residents find their dream getaway


A multinational travel agency aimed to leverage Mygate App’s Pulse properties to target a premium audience and generate demand for their services, particularly in the lead-up to the festive season.


To meet the objective, Mygate’s proposal to the brand was to utilize hyperlocal targeting to reach specific societies based on area codes and society types. By leveraging past campaign performance insights, they curated a pool of 14,000 homes tailored to their target audience. The brand introduced a discount coupon worth ₹2,000 for the users which they could avail during bookings.

We helped the brand select target geographies for enhanced market penetration and helped them create a compelling campaign, introducing the offer to users through Digital Notifications. These notifications provided comprehensive details about how users could take advantage of the offer. The CTA button redirected to their official website where users could go through the properties & avail offers. The campaign was strategically executed over two weekends to ensure top-of-mind recall for vacation planning.


The brand reached out to almost 2 million users on the Mygate app in Delhi & Ahmedabad. Luxury Escapes was able to generate 225 interests and the target page received visits from 18% of the reached audience.

About the brand

Luxury Escapes, a premier travel company synonymous with opulence and bespoke experiences, is ideally positioned to advertise on the Mygate app. As a lifestyle brand, Luxury Escapes caters to discerning travelers who prioritize luxury and exclusivity – characteristics shared by the residents who use the Mygate app.

Additionally, the app’s localised targeting capabilities ensure that Luxury Escapes’ advertisements reach relevant users within specific residential communities, maximizing the impact of their marketing efforts.