Lifestyle Campaign

Wakefit finds success with hyperlocal campaign


Wakefit wanted to target Mygate users to create awareness around their physical stores and encourage them to visit.

The brand wanted to create awareness regarding their ‘Pillow Exchange Offer’ and increase footfall in their stores by targeting societies located close to the brand stores.


To meet the objective, Wakefit designed a Pillow and Mattress exchange offer allowing users to redeem coupon codes for the exchange offers they wanted to avail.

We helped the brand select target geographies for enhanced market penetration and helped them create a compelling campaign, introducing the exchange offer to users through Digital Notifications. These notifications provided comprehensive detailing on how users could take advantage of the offer. After clicking on the Call-to-Action (CTA) button, users were directed to a WhatsApp chatbot, where they were prompted to provide their information, leading to the generation of a dynamic coupon code.

Subsequently, users could simply present this coupon at the store counter to redeem the offer. This streamlined process enabled the brand to gauge Mygate’s impact on the footfall at their stores.


The brand reached out to almost 3 million users on the Mygate app across 3 cities. Over 8 months, Wakefit was able to generate over 40,000 conversations with an impressive click-through rate (CTR) of 2.5%.

About the brand

Wakefit a retail brand specializing in mattresses, pillows, and other sleep-related products, Wakefit’s target audience predominantly comprises residents who are seeking quality sleep solutions.

Mygate app, being a platform widely used by residents for managing various aspects of their residential communities, provides a direct channel to reach Wakefit’s target demographic.
Additionally, the app’s localized targeting capabilities ensure that Wakefit’s advertisements reach relevant users within specific residential communities.