Lifestyle case Study

Malabar Gold’s 360º campaign shines on Mygate


Malabar Gold’s objective was to go beyond the walls of its showroom to reach out to its audience across the country to raise awareness about its brand. By doing so, the brand wanted to increase footfall in its physical stores in various cities across the country.

The brand wanted to introduce these premium properties to a niche audience on Mygate and increase their sales through offers on their exclusive jewellery range.


To meet the objective, Mygate’s proposal to the brand was to go for 360º communication, taking a phygital approach including signages and kiosks.

To meet the brand’s requirements, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Lucknow, and Delhi were picked for the campaign. Also, since the brand wanted to increase footfall in its physical stores, the campaign was mostly location-based. It was run in select areas close to the physical stores of the brand in the above-mentioned cities. Since it is a jewellery brand, it wanted to target its female audience. MyGate assisted the brand in reaching the audience by presenting its message directly on their screens as a part of the pre-hype.

Subsequently, MyGate helped the brand put up signages in the society for 30 days. At the end of it, a kiosk was set up in the society, wherein the residents could come and play Tambola, wherein each winner was to get lucrative gift hampers up to ₹1000.


The brand reached out to almost 2 million users on the Mygate app in <regions>. Malabar Gold’s signage was put up for 30 days, while the kiosk was set up for a day. About 70+ societies and 500+ households were targeted. 50+ signages were put up and around 25+ kiosks were set up during the campaign.

About the brand

Malabar Gold, a renowned jewelry company synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance, is an ideal candidate for advertising on the Mygate app. As a lifestyle brand, Malabar Gold caters to individuals who appreciate luxury and sophistication – characteristics shared by the residents who use the Mygate app.