Lifestyle Case Study

Giving unforgettable holiday experiences to Mygate families.


To enhance brand visibility and encourage families to visit Club Mahindra Resorts, the brand leveraged digital notifications on the Mygate app and set up in-society kiosks within residential societies with our help.


Club Mahindra connected with residents of upscale societies, aiming to capture the attention of HNI families.

Collaborating closely with the brand to meet its campaign objectives, we assisted in identifying target regions to achieve deeper market penetration. Mygate helped create a 360-degree campaign where the brand reached out to its target audience and did an outreach with society activations. The brand included a fun activity at the in-society kiosk to engage residents and deliver the Club Mahindra experience to them.

In another notification just before the holiday season, Club Mahindra scaled up its digital reach by running PAN India campaigns on Mygate, enticing residents to plan their getaways with Club Mahindra. 


The brand reached out to 1 million+ users on the Mygate app PAN India. Having run offline & online campaigns, Club Mahindra engaged with 25k+ users during society events to play the quiz and engaged over 3L+ users via the pulse campaign. 

MyGate team helps us curate a suitable set of societies that fit our target segment. We have seen pleasant results so far.

About the Brand

Club Mahindra, a lifestyle brand synonymous with luxury and leisure, finds an ideal advertising platform in the Mygate app. Mygate’s user base comprises affluent individuals with high net worth income, precisely matching Club Mahindra’s target audience. 

Moreover, Mygate doesn’t just offer online advertising options; it provides first hand access to residents via in-society events, ensuring that Club Mahindra’s message reaches potential customers in a personalised and impactful manner.