Real Estate Case Study

Get Farms find owners for its farmlands


A real estate brand chose Mygate to introduce its farmlands as an investment opportunity for the residents of gated communities across Chennai. Mygate helped the brand to increase its visibility and generate interest for the farms.

The brand wanted to reach out to as many gated communities in Chennai as possible, to promote its brand. They were specifically looking for a premium audience who might be interested in investing in real estate. The brand hoped to reach out to that audience and generate leads.


Mygate proposed to provide visibility to the brand and generate interest for their mango farmlands near Chennai through our digital properties. The 1st phase of the campaign was carried out by using Mygate’s Pulse to capture the user’s interest with our one-click lead generation capability. Upon seeing the success of the campaign, the brand went ahead to promote themselves on Spotlight as well, which helped in creating brand awareness and further taking them to a Pulse where user interest could be captured.


The brand awareness campaign ran for a month in Chennai. It garnered about 10L+ impressions in this period of which 30K+ users viewed the offer and over 1100+ enquiries were generated. This campaign is an excellent example of how Mygate can help a brand increase its visibility and boost its lead generation exponentially.

About the brand

Get Farms, a distinguished real estate brand, stands to benefit immensely from advertising on the Mygate app. As a real estate brand, Get Farm’s target audience, comprising residents seeking housing and property solutions, perfectly aligns with the user base of the Mygate app.

Through strategic advertising on Mygate, Get Farms can effectively engage with its target audience, showcase its properties, and provide valuable real estate resources to residents, further solidifying its position as a trusted and sought-after real estate developer in the community.