Real Estate Case Study

Sobha Properties goes hyperlocal with Mygate


The brand’s primary intention was brand awareness through digital campaign which would help them spread the word about their new project and generate leads for it. The brand wanted to focus on some of the premium metropolitan cities for this campaign.


To meet the objective, Mygate’s proposal was to execute a comprehensive digital campaign to spread brand awareness and generate leads. The brand leveraged Digital Pulse ads to send out a personalized message and capture leads through our One-click interest capture feature.
The CTA was redirected to their official websites to get more details about the upcoming projects.

A series of dynamic digital pulse ads were strategically deployed, each featuring various compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) such as “I’m interested,” “Book site visit,” “Book now,” and more. These CTAs were meticulously crafted to resonate with different stages of customer interest, effectively capturing the attention of potential clients and guiding them seamlessly towards their desired action, whether it be expressing interest, scheduling a site visit, or making a booking.

Since the brand was specific about the premium audience they wanted to target in this campaign, 3 of the tier-I cities of India – Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, were picked for the same. The brand also went hyperlocal with Mygate and their audience was further segmented according to pincodes.


The brand reached out to 14k households across location specific societies in Bangalore, Pune, and Delhi. The total number of impressions received was 75+k. The CTR was 11.04%.

About the brand

Sobha Properties, a prominent real estate brand renowned for its innovative designs and quality construction, finds an ideal advertising platform in the Mygate app. With a target audience consisting of residents actively seeking housing and property solutions, Sobha Properties perfectly aligns with the user base of the Mygate app.

As millions of households and gated communities utilize Mygate for their daily needs, Sobha Properties gains direct access to a highly engaged audience primed for real estate opportunities.