Tenant police verification in Pune importance and process [2024]

Tenant police verification in Pune

The notion of renting has been prominent for a time, particularly in light of India’s evolving real estate market. Even though for many people renting seems like a revenue-oriented move, the landlord should not ignore the red flags whilst selecting tenants. Major cities like Bangalore, Pune, etc. are becoming prominently tenant-centric. Pune house innumerable corporate and reputed academic infrastructures, the second largest city in Maharashtra.

Renters typically watch out for properties that are secure, economical, and in close proximity to their places of employment. The type of renter a landlord selects will determine their return on investment. This safeguarding procedure, which includes both offline and online tenant police verification in Pune, must be thoroughly carried out to ensure personal safety. Without taking an appropriate preventative measure, if a homeowner rents out their property, they will solely be responsible for any misdemeanor that can be accelerated in the future.

Therefore to ensure that the tenant is reliable and does not possess any threat, it would be safe to follow these early measures.

  • The prime and most crucial step in tenant screening is a background investigation. In this case, a landowner may discover through a background check whether a tenant has a propensity not to pay rent or harm the property.
  • One can contact the tenant’s previous landlords to inquire. A homeowner can make all necessary inquiries to establish whether a prospective tenant is reliable.
  • The landlord may also ask for personal references who they can call to investigate the applicant and verify certain facts. Family and friends can vouch for the tenant. A person without a criminal record won’t hesitate to provide references when asked.

What is tenant police verification?

Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code, which dispense with violations of orders by public officials, allows violators to be punished if their course of action causes any damage as a result of their failure to comply with government orders. If a tenant is convicted of a criminal offense, the landlord can be held accountable for conspiracy and aiding in illegal activity as spelled under IPC rules. Punishment leading to imprisonment for a time which may extend to one month or a monetary penalty of Rs.200.

Why is police verification of tenants important?

It is a desirable alternative for property owners because of the increasing demand for rental homes, especially from immigrant communities in cities like Pune. People in awe of capital generated neglect the importance of tenant investigation and rent their homes without carrying out any formal inspections.

Police check-ins on tenants are useful in locating heinous crimes as well as in helping to apprehend escaping offenders and improve property security. Instilling a fear of the law in tenants as well as helping to find unauthorized residents are additional benefits.

Let’s discuss the importance of tenant police verification in detail:

1. Assists in criminal convictions verification

Landlords can carry out an investigation and discover more about the past conduct of their tenants by using tenant verification. This enables them to verify the accuracy of the data provided by renters and the absence of any unethical business practices.

2. Eliminating illegal transactions

Tenant verification informs tenants of the extent of the control that landlords claim over the rental home of their preference.

3. Reduces illegal operations on the property

When a tenant’s information is authenticated, they are aware that it has been added to the local police database and desist from engaging in any offensive operation.

4. Aid in tracking international authentication

As part of the tenant verification process, the appointed law enforcement authorities comb through the preceding locations where tenants have resided. The ability to tell if tenants are domestic or from another country allows landlords to make that determination. It doesn’t matter, but sometimes foreign tenants overstay their welcome and are reluctant to pay for the additional lodging.

Tenant police verification process in Pune

Tenant police verification in Pune can be done using 2 processes because it is the written form that provides authenticity to the agreement and will aid in abducting the violators.

  • Online
  • Offline

1. Online tenant police verification process

Online tenant police verification in Pune involves the following procedure:

  • Pick the adjoining police station from the location of the property.
  • Download the Pune police verification e-form from the website.
  • Enter the property owner’s credentials, including full name, a digital copy of the most recent passport-size photo, contact number, email address, and postal address.
  • Indicate the address of the property and the beginning and termination dates of the lease, and other pertinent information.
  • Tenant’s details, including full title, a current passport-size photo, a legal address, and an authentication proof number (found on any document, including an Aadhaar card, a PAN card, a driving license, etc.), as well as a digital version of selected identification proof.
  • Details regarding the tenant’s place of employment, including designation, contact information (telephone, email, and office address), and so forth.
  • Access to information on references who have first-hand knowledge of the renter. This comprises the agent’s name and contact information as well as the names and phone numbers of peers, close relatives, associates, etc.
  • Since the data cannot be formulated once it has been registered, don’t forget to cross-check the authenticity of the credentials.
  • Submit the Captcha information after entering it.
  • The police might summon the tenant or landlord for further verification.
  • The police are mandated to keep a replica of a file with the tenant’s credentials.
  • The verification form for properties in rural Pune may also be accessed in Marathi.

2. Offline tenant police verification process

The following procedure must be followed for offline tenant police verification:

  • The homeowner is accountable for gathering the essential documentation for both himself and the tenant. The required documentation includes passport-sized pictures, proof of identification, address confirmation, a lease agreement, and more.
  • Once attaining all the needed paperwork, head down to the local police station to apply for offline tenant verification.
  • Ask the officials for the tenant verification form.
  • Carefully read the instructions before filling out the tenant verification form. The landlord is required to present general information, such as the tenant and landlord’s initials, addresses, and contact information.
  • Sign the form and submit it to the police station.
  • Ensure the accuracy of all the information. Any inconsistency in the information could lead to a lawsuit.

Pune police clearance certificate

A police clearance certificate is mandated to complete the online tenant police verification process in Pune. This ensures that the owner has acknowledged legal credentials from a police officer or Indian government official.

For failing to acquire tenant police verification before renting a property to a tenant in Pune, a landowner may be prosecuted for illicit behavior (FIR). Therefore, it is strongly encouraged for all proprietors to have their information registered with the police before entrusting any tenant with an apartment.

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