Easily Buy and Sell within Your Community with MyGate

Gone are the days of depending on external platforms for buying and selling goods, the long wait for goods to be delivered, or trying to find trusted buyers. With MyGate Buy & Sell feature, residents within the neighborhood can connect and transact seamlessly. Have an old or unused chair to sell? List it on the feed!

What is the Buy & Sell feature?

The Buy & Sell feature is one of the most used on MyGate Feed, specifically designed to facilitate local commerce within your neighborhood. It is a virtual marketplace where residents can list items to sell or browse through listings to buy products they need. With this feature, the traditional process of buying and selling becomes effortless and efficient as the buyer or seller is your next-door neighbor!

Why choose MyGate feed’s Buy & Sell feature?

Convenience: By using MyGate Feed’s Buy & Sell feature, residents no longer need to rely on traveling long distances to purchase or sell goods. Everything is available within the neighbourhood, just a few steps away.

Trusted Community: MyGate Feed operates within the trusted network of your neighbourhood, ensuring a safe and reliable buying and selling experience. Connect with fellow residents/neighbours who share a common bond and a vested interest in maintaining a secure environment.

Easy Listing and Discovery: Listing items for sale on MyGate Feed is simple. Users can effortlessly upload product images, add descriptions, set prices, and even negotiate offers. Likewise, browsing through the listings to find the desired item is quick and convenient.

How does the Buy & Sell feature work?

1. Listing items for sale

Open the MyGate app and navigate to MyGate Feed→Click on the “Buy & Sell” section→Select the (+ New Listing) option→ Select the item you wish to list→Add necessary details like photos, descriptions, and price→Click on continue to submit the listing.

2. Buying items listed on sale

Open the MyGate app and navigate to MyGate Feed→Click on the “Buy & Sell” section→Select from the listings to find the desired item.

Communicate with the seller through the integrated messaging feature to discuss details, negotiate, and finalize the deal.

Once a buyer and seller have agreed upon the terms, they can proceed with the transaction.


With MyGate Feed’s Buy & Sell feature, buying and selling within your community is simple & convenient. Engage in community commerce, build connections, and simplify transactions with your neighbors on MyGate Feed.

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