Efficient & easy vehicle management with MyGate

Has a resident or a visitor wrongly parked his car within the society premises? Wondering how the security guard can trace him? Using the MyGate Guard app, guards can now call vehicle owners in the following case scenarios:

  1. The vehicle is parked in the wrong parking spot or No Parking zone at the society 
  2. The vehicle’s lights are on, fuel is leaking, any damage to the vehicle, etc
  3. The resident wants to reverse his/her own car and needs to contact the vehicle owner whose car is blocking his/her car
  4. Any other vehicle emergency

Steps for the guard to make a call

  1. On the Guard app passcode page, the guard can toggle the passcode screen to vehicle search 
  2. Enter the 4-digit vehicle number and the search results associated with the vehicle number will pop-up
  3. Click on the call icon visible against the search result
  4. This will initiate a call to the vehicle owner

Conditions to call different types of vehicle owners 

All residents Flat IVR1/2 should be updated, and vehicle number should be updated in My Vehicles or by Admin so, the call symbol pops up
Service providers Their mobile number and vehicle number has to be updated in their Service Provider profile so, the call symbol pops up
All visitor types & pre-approved guests Their mobile number and vehicle number has to be captured during entry so, the call symbol pops up

Society Settings – Internal conditions

Society Settings Guard app > Enable Calls > Society Setting should be on
Society Settings Guard app > Resident Directory > Society Setting should be on if the guard wants to contact vehicle owners who are residents
Inventory SIM on the guard device must have incoming & outgoing calls. (All our SIM cards are currently data SIMs. Contact your MyGate representative to activate calls without data.)

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