Delivery Management

Shopping online is an inevitable part of the day and age. Be it for the bare essentials, an impulsive splurge, or a calculated big spend, shopping online has become increasingly convenient, and with MyGate’s delivery management system, the receiving of your parcels is also made seamless.
Simultaneously, when these processes are executed correctly, they ensure a secure environment within the society, and this will also effectively cut down the wait time for delivery executives.

MyGate offers you two ways to manage deliveries:

1. The Entry Notification

The simple entry notification is a one-step process to manage your deliveries.

  • Once the delivery executive shares their details with the guard, you will receive a notification about the same.
  • You can choose to either approve or reject their entry. Alternatively, you can choose “Leave at Gate”- which will notify the security guard to collect the parcel on your behalf.

2. Pre-Approve Feature

You can also choose to pre-approve an expected delivery. Pre-approving deliveries can prove to be most effective when you’re not available to collect the parcel, or attend to the entry notification.

To Pre-Approve Deliveries

  • Select the “Pre-Approve” option on the home screen.
  • Select the “Delivery” option.
  • Provide the necessary details, such as delivery date and time
  • Confirm your pre-approval request.
  • Once Pre-approved, the delivery person can deliver the package without hassle

MyGate’s delivery management system with the Leave at Gate and the Pre-Approval features enhances security and elevates the delivery experience. Whether you’re home or away, you can now be assured that your parcels are safely.

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