Feature in Focus: Documents

Keeping a record of documents, managing and procuring them is time-consuming and a hassle for both society residents and committee members. MyGate has introduced Documents management to solve this issue and make life easier for residents, house owners and management committee members.  

Benefits of Documents management

  • Residents can store a variety of documents such as rent agreements, identity proofs, house rent receipts, ownership records and more
  • Admins can store a variety of documents such as vendor agreements, RWA minutes of meeting, society entry records and more
  • Store many number of documents of any file size
  • Upload documents in bulk like multiple rent receipts for multiple tenants
  • Upload all standard file types such as PDFs, Xls, PNG, JPEG, CSV
  • Create multiple folders for different files and update them when necessary

There are 4 categories of storage for different members of the community:

Category Document type Who can upload/editWho can view
SocietyDocuments created for society wide use, such as rules, society wide documents, information to all residents, RWA minutes of meetings (can be uploaded from meetings module), etcManagement committee members /society admins & roles with communication admin permissions onlyCan be configured- Tenants and owners only. Staff members cannot view these documents
ManagementDocuments created specifically for management committee use – could be vendor agreements, management committee MoMs etcManagement committee members /society admins & roles with communication admin permissions onlyOnly the society admins
FlatDocuments created specifically for tenancy agreements & management , upcoming – ownership and other flat doc uplaodsOnly the members of the flat & the society admins & member with tenant management permissionsOnly the residents  of the flat & the society admins
PersonalAny personal documents that you want to keep handyOnly the particular userOnly the particular user who has uploaded the document

You can access the document storage ‘Society Dashboard’ under Communications

Contact your management committee or MyGate relationship manager to enable Documents for your society today.


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