Feature In Focus: Local Services

Got a leaky faucet and don’t know a good plumber? Looking for a carpenter for some urgent woodwork? If your community is on MyGate then there’s no reason to worry about.

The Local Services feature on the MyGate app helps you find the right service provider nearby such as maid, cook, plumber, carpenter, driver, milkman and more, without any hassle. You can also get a separate list of who among them are inside the community at any given time using the ‘Inside’ filter.

Here’s how the feature helps you:

  • View a list of the best local services in your area
  • Check individual reviews and ratings 
  • Choose to call them directly via the app
  • Apply the ‘Inside’ filter to know who among them are inside the premises

How it works:

1. Open the MyGate app
2. Go to the Community tab
3. Click on the Local Services card
4. Pick the type of service you are looking for
5. Service providers who work in your community are listed
6. To view who is inside the community, check the ‘INSIDE’ filter on the top right corner
7. Click on the cards to view individual contact details, ratings & reviews
8. You can also view if they work in other houses in your community and their available time slots

With MyGate, you never have to hustle to find the assistance you need. Not only that, it also helps you make informed decisions. 

Contact your management committee or MyGate relationship manager to enable Local Services for your society today!

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