5 common split system air conditioner problems and their solutions [2024]

common split system air conditioner problems and their solutions

Is your split AC not cooling enough this summer?

Summers are undoubtedly one of the most dreaded seasons in India. They are hot and humid and drain our energy fast. Moreover, with increasing pollution and global warming, rising spells of heatwaves have become quite common. Living without an AC feels like a punishment. And when your AC doesn’t cool, the way it is supposed to, it gets all the more frustrating.

Split ACs in India are usually operated during summers and then left unattended till the summers next year. Which is why, it is important to take care of your split ACs and get them timely serviced rather than facing any problems whatsoever in future.

5 Split AC problems and their solutions

Split system air conditioner problems are also fairly common. In this article, we have listed the five most common split air conditioner problems and their solutions to make your life easier:

1. Lack of cooling

Split ACs are efficient in cooling; however, if your AC is not working at an optimum speed and taking time to cool your space, there might be one or more issues. Thermostat anomalies, uncleaned air filters, clogged condensate drain or formation of ice on the AC’ evaporator coils could be some of the probable issues. One or more of these may be causing your AC to delay the cooling. Remember when we said ACs are usually left unattended for long!

Solution: Check if the thermostat is set to the minimum temperature. It should be below 5°C or in ‘cool’ mode. You can set it to the least temperature and check if the AC is cooling properly. If this does not work, then clean the air filter and drainage pipes, as these might be the reason for the problem. If you do not find any difference in cooling after 10-15 minutes, it’s time to get professional help.

2. Thermostat glitches

A thermostat is an internal control unit that allows you to regulate the correct temperature based on your needs. Airflow is typically controlled via remote control or knobs on the device itself. If the thermostat fails, you will be unable to control the temperature and may harm the split AC unit.

Solution: You can check if the thermostat is set to the minimum temperature. You can do it yourself by setting it to the lowest possible temperature. However, please make sure to check the manual and guidelines properly before you do it on your own. If your AC still does not function properly, contact a service engineer as soon as possible.

3. Mold in the AC

Molds are fungi that thrive in moist environments. Split system air conditioners have an ideal ambient temperature for growth. This can cause a variety of health problems, so it is best to get this sorted as soon as possible.

Solution: This issue can be resolved only by a service technician, as this requires deep cleaning of the entire AC. Should such problems arise, you may call MyGate to resolve your split system air conditioner issues.

4. Refrigerant leakage

The refrigerant, or commonly known as AC gas, plays a vital role in cooling the space where the AC is installed. This gas or refrigerant is stored under high pressure, and as a result, the copper pipes may get damaged or develop holes, which may cause leakage. In another scenario, if the level of refrigerant or AC gas in your split air conditioner is low or if the gas has leaked due to some reason (such as reinstallation in a different room or a new place), it may not function as effectively.

Solution: This problem is common in the coastal regions with excessive levels of humidity or industrial regions where air pollution is high. This issue would need professional assistance, as it involves conducting thorough checks on the indoor and outdoor units, as well as the channels that connect both of them for possible leaks. This would also require refilling the AC gas to ideal levels. We recommend contacting a specialist to resolve this issue.

5. Unpleasant smell upon switching on the AC

This is another common issue with split air conditioners. When you switch your aircon on, it starts emitting an unpleasant smell.

Solution: This is a common issue with old air conditioners that do not get serviced frequently. This characteristic foul damp smell is due to the AC’s drainage system when there is dirt and grime in the drainpipe and the water does not properly flow out of the drain pipe, leaving water on the AC’s drain tray. You can solve this problem by cleaning the drainage system or booking a split AC repair service to get it done by a professional.

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