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With the arrival of the summer season, air conditioners have become the most necessary machine in households. Air Conditioning systems are present in at least one room in the house, and most family members like to be there. ACs have become the most preferred home appliance, and their maintenance problems have become a huge hazard!

Most urban Indian homes use air conditioners in the summer. With the significantly increased use of air conditioning units, you must look after their maintenance and repair. After being in a dormant period, there might be several AC issues. Imagine running into trouble once you start the air conditioner at the peak of summer. It becomes uneasy getting a repair person quickly in the peak season.

It is vital to give the Air Conditioning units good service and repair before using them. Akin all other electric appliances, air conditioners need time-to-time repair and tune-up. Sometimes there are unwanted issues. Staying updated and ahead of any maintenance issues is the prime requirement. It helps you catch problems beforehand and not let them turn up costly repairs.

But if you run into issues with your AC, there is no need to worry. AC repairing has now become much easier with MyGate. It is a community-based app that helps you with maintenance and repair work and many other services like AC repair services in Bangalore.

Choose the most professional service for AC repair in Bangalore.

Some common and other complex AC problems need solutions as soon as possible. An AC unit is a complex machine that can have different types of issues. They can be traced back to faulty installation or lack of maintenance. Some issues need repairing more regularly than others. Thus, choosing the proper installation and repair service becomes essential. A professional can ensure that you get coverage for a more extended period. Thus you do not need to call repair services more often.

Timely professional AC service will save you time and money and ensure peace of mind. In addition, professional service providers ensure that your Air Conditioning system works fine throughout the season without hiccups.

Why Choose MyGate for AC repair services in Bangalore?

MyGate home services include a deep cleaning of your home, pest control, home painting & waterproofing services, bathroom cleaning, home sanitisation, car cleaning, appliance repair, packers & movers, and laundry service. We use a professional workforce of technicians and service staff with sophisticated equipment for all our services. You can get more details about our home services at click here.

1. On-time services

At MyGate, we ensure on-time and professional home services for our customers. This includes all types of home services that we offer. We want to ensure that all our customers avail of these services without delay due to lack of staff and materials. Our main aim is to shorten our customers ‘to-do’ lists. We work towards this goal diligently.

2. Experienced & professional Staff

Our customers can receive the benefits of experts. Our professional staff is available to help with your home. We provide consultancy and advice along with expert staff and equipment.

3. Pocket friendly

Our services help you save money in more ways than one. Our team provides regular and frequent checks which extend the life of your home equipment and systems. This reduces the risks and shortens your repair bills. Thus, we help to save money for you. We also offer services that are affordable and pocket-friendly without any hidden costs. You can compare our services with any other service provider, and you will find our rates reasonable.

4. Safe & effective

We offer AC repair services to many areas in Bangalore by using safe and effective methods. Our team provides regular checks which extend the life of your home equipment and AC. We ensure that all your equipment is safe without any chances of an accident or mishap in the future. Our staff has the appropriate training to ensure the well-being and safety of your home.

5. Customer-friendly

We are not just an AC repair service; we provide all home services with commitment. When a customer chooses MyGate home services, our number one goal is to meet all the needs and exceed expectations. Our team has built a reputation for excellence. Our team looks after customers by providing honest advice while listening to and resolving their concerns.

6. Quick & reliable

We understand that you need someone quickly in case of an appliance breakdown. This is especially true in the case of a non-functioning AC in the peak of summer. If you call our staff for any services, we will arrive at your door as soon as possible. Our team wants to ensure that our customers do not have to wait long, and we get on repairing that AC quickly!

7. Guaranteed results

Our technicians have the necessary training to repair your appliances quickly and for the long term. We want to ensure that you do not have to call us again and again. Thus, we provide long-term and permanent solutions. The team takes a proactive approach to AC repair services in Bangalore, and we will continue to knock on your door for weeks or even months after the initial visit to ensure that you are complete satisfaction with our services.

Areas that we serve in Bangalore

We provide AC repair services in all major areas of Bangalore. Our squad is well equipped and trained to offer various types of appliance repair services in the city. The expert team provides you with the best services for AC repair in Bangalore at affordable prices. We serve in the below-listed areas:

  • Banashankari
  • Electronic City
  • Basavanagudi
  • Marathahalli
  • Hebbal
  • K.R. Puram
  • Bellandur
  • Kamanahalli
  • Malleswaram
  • Bannerghatta Road
  • Whitefield
  • Sarjapur
  • BTM Layout
  • Jayanagar
  • Richmond Town
  • MG Road
  • HSR Layout
  • Indiranagar
  • Koramangala

How does it work?

Follow the below steps to avail MyGate’s AC repairing services in Bangalore:

Step 1: Download MyGate’s mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
Step 2: Select the services that you need. We offer a wide range of quality servicing and repair for home appliances like AC, laptops, RO systems, etc.
Step 3: Fill in your details and confirm your booking. After the confirmation of the order, we will arrive at your doorstep at the given time.

FAQs regarding AC repair services in Bangalore

How many times should an Air Conditioning system get serviced?

Air conditioners are used for a few months every year. Thus, schedule AC maintenance at least annually. This will extend the life and increase the performance of your air conditioner. In addition, this results in fewer repair bills.

What are all tasks involved in AC servicing?

AC repair and servicing is a lengthy task with many steps. The AC service tasks might include one or more of these services:
1. Replacing the air filters.
2. Cleaning and inspection of the indoor and outdoor coils.
3. Examination of the condensate pump.
4. Check if the thermostat works properly.
5. Cleaning the condensate pump and removing all the dirt and debris.
6. Visually inspect the entire HVAC system.
7. Cleaning away any dirt, dust, and debris from the AC system.

Is maintenance of Air Conditioning units necessary?

An air conditioner has many parts. It includes filters, coils, and fins that require regular care. Delay in maintenance will affect the efficiency through its years of service. Do not ignore necessary maintenance as it will result in a steady decline in the performance of the air conditioner, and it will also increase its energy consumption, thus increasing your power bills.

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