All about Home Appliances Repair Services in Mumbai

You purchase the best appliances for your home in the hope of making life comfortable and luxurious. However, as most of these appliances are electric in nature, they always have a high risk of becoming faulty over time.

Such problems in appliances are very common and may arise from power fluctuations, outdated batteries, clogged wires with dirt inside the machines, zinc stains, technical faults, lack of maintenance, etc.

Appliances need regular services and repairs in order to run efficiently. Washing machines, geysers, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Microwaves, ovens, inverters, clogged taps, coolers, fans, filters, Kitchen chimneys, tanks, etc., need good repair and servicing at least once every six months for prolonged and healthy life.

Skipping or neglecting seasonal or required repairs may result in poor service or decreased life span of the machine.

This is why it is so important to get professional maintenance services and repairs for your faulty home appliances. Mygate is, thus, always prepared to help your home appliances be repaired in the most professional and efficient way.

Why MyGate Home Services?

MyGate offers 100% professional and comprehensive home appliance repairs and services at the best prices in Mumbai. Try us today and avail amazing offers and discounts!

  • Economical: We offer professional home appliances repair services at the best prices with no hidden costs.
  • High-quality products: We use high-quality and specially curated industry-grade (FDA and EPA approved), non-hazardous chemicals, wires and other repairing tools which are safe and shock-proof.
  • Expert team: Our trained and background verified partners use 100% mechanised and professional equipment and tools to give your home appliances a great repair.
  • Convenient: Book our services in 3 easy steps. Our team can be at your door in 4 hours of booking. Our service time is 2-6 hours (varies on the size of the house), and the team includes 2-6 workers (customised on the basic requirements). You can cancel or reschedule the booking anytime with no extra charges.
  • Safety first: All covid protocols are followed. We wear gloves & masks throughout the process and sanitise the tools & area of work once done.
  • Group buying discount: If you stay in a gated community using MyGate in Mumbai, we often also bring exciting offers for you and your society. Come together as a community and avail the benefits!

Areas served near you

We serve all the major areas of Mumbai.

Avail appliance repair near you in Worli, Tardeo, Malad, Dombivali, Parel, Borivali, Navi Mumbai, Thane, AmberNath, Neral, etc.

How it works

Follow these simple steps to book your home appliance repair service:

  • Download the MyGate app. Click here.
  • Go to the ‘Home Services’ section. Click ‘Appliance Repair’.
  • Choose the services as per your requirement. We have all repair services for home appliances, including deep cleaning, filtering, unclogging, checking faults, removing technical issues, resolving wire errors, repairing machinery, etc.
  • Fill in all the required details and confirm your booking. Once your order is confirmed, our team will be available at your door at the scheduled time.

FAQs regarding home appliance repair service in Mumbai

Do I need to supply repairing tools?

No. All necessary equipment & tools will be carried by the experts. You will have to ensure electric and water supply, plug point & access to machineries.

What kind of tools will be used for repairs?

We use repairing tools depending on the appliance type. All equipment is procured from established, government-approved sources. We completely avoid using local or cheap quality tools in our repair and maintenance process.

Do I have to do anything to prepare for the appliance maintenance specialists’ session?

Keep the area clean with no other objects than the target appliance.

Will the experts rearrange appliances after cleaning?

Yes, they will move around all parts of the appliances as required before repairing begins & rearrange them post-completion.

How long will it take for the service to be completed?

This will depend on the condition of the appliance & the extent of damage in it.

What precautions must be taken after repairing is completed?

Since our experts finish repair tasks with complete safety, no such precautions are required after the session.

Do I have to be at home while appliance repair is in progress?

Yes, it is mandatory that someone is available at the house when repairs are on.

Is your staff trained & background verified?

Yes, we conduct training & background verification of all experts before onboarding them on MyGate.

How can I verify the identity of the experts?

The experts always carry valid government ID proof, which can be verified against their details on the MyGate application.

Can I choose any time for this service?

You can choose the time slot and day for the session.

Can I reschedule my booking?

Our experts have pre-scheduled jobs, and rescheduling is typically not possible. However, our team will try our best to cater to your requests subject to availability.

How can I make the payment?

We only accept online payments & offer multiple options for the same. You can pay via CC, DB, net banking, wallets or UPI through the MyGate application.

Who will take care of any damages, if any?

Please thoroughly check the appliance before the expert leaves the house. In case of any damage, write to [email protected].

What if I am unhappy with the services?

Please report any complaints, suggestions or feedback about service quality, service provider, pricing etc., by mailing us at [email protected]. It is advised to do this within 3 hours of your service.

Do you have a refund & cancellation policy?

We do not have any cancellation and refund policy. Once a service has been purchased, it has to be availed till completion.

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