Hair Spa Procedure At Parlour

Who doesn’t love running their fingers through silky, smooth, and shiny hair? We all do. That’s why we go for a hair spa treatment at the salon. So, what is the procedure of hair spa? Let us understand all the steps for a hair spa, how beneficial it is for our hair, and all the other related information.

Hair spa benefits

The hair spa procedure involves a long head massage that is good for blood circulation and helps relax our mind and body. This massage helps in providing more oxygen to our scalps and hair follicles, and increases hair growth.

Cleansing the scalp helps remove impurities and unclogs the pores. Hair loss issues are mainly due to clogged pores. When pores are unclogged, they help in hair growth regeneration.

Oil secretion is normalised after hair spa. Sebaceous glands are present everywhere on our skin, even on our scalp. These glands produce oil, also known as sebum, that keeps our scalp and hair healthy. Sometimes there is an overproduction of the oil, which can clog our pores and lead to an oily scalp and greasy hair. When the production is less that is also not good as it leads to a dry scalp; therefore, it is very necessary to regularise the secretion of the sebum glands to have voluminous hair.

Hair spa helps normalise the pH levels of our scalp, which is important to maintain healthy hair. Dandruff is reduced after the hair spa treatment, as it kills the dandruff-causing microbes.

Hair fall can also occur due to a lot of stress. A good relaxing hair spa session makes us feel relaxed, reducing stress, which is good for our hair health.

Hair spa steps

The hair spa process has several steps. Take a look below:

1. Shampoo

The first step of a hair spa treatment is shampooing our hair. This helps clean our scalp by removing the dead skin cells and dirt. This is a crucial step, as the scalp needs to be squeaky clean before any kind of treatment is done.

2. Hair mask

This step involves applying a hair mask that contains serum to deeply condition our hair roots. We need to leave it on for a few minutes. This mask nourishes and strengthens our hair follicles and gets rid of the flakiness and dryness of our scalp. After this mask is applied, the hair becomes frizz-free and appears smooth.

3. Scalp massage

The next step involves a long massage. Massaging improves blood circulation in our scalp, boosts hair growth, and improves hair health. By massaging the scalp, we ensure that the serum mask is applied evenly and reaches every corner of our scalp.

4. Steaming

The steam is used to open up the pores in our scalp, allowing the serum to penetrate deeper into the roots. This ensures deep nourishment.

5. Rinsing

After all the steps are done, the last step is, of course, rinsing. Our scalp is thoroughly rinsed to ensure no product is left, which can also lead to grease build-up if not cleaned properly.

Different types of hair spa treatments

1. Dandruff remedy

This hair spa treatment focuses on moisturising and hydrating our scalp to eliminate dandruff. Ingredients such as lemon and honey are used to relieve flakiness and dryness. This treatment unclogs our pores by removing product build-up and gives us a clean scalp.

2. Hair fall remedy

This treatment’s primary focus is to promote hair growth by increasing blood circulation. Nourishing components such as omega fatty acids and protein help to achieve more volume and reduce hair thinning.

3. Coloured damaged hair remedy

Colouring hair damages it and causes many hair problems like split ends, roughness and many more. Also, while performing hair spa treatments, we must ensure that our hair colour stays intact. That’s why there is a different therapy for damaged hair that solely focuses on repairing our hair while protecting the hair colour.

4. Oily hair treatment

Many of us tend to have a greasy scalp that makes our hair look flat and dull if not washed frequently. The excessive oil is removed in this hair treatment, and the scalp is hydrated. It may not be common knowledge, but excessive oil can also cause hair fall and dandruff. This treatment will rejuvenate our scalp and restore the lustre of our hair.

5. Hair smoothening treatment

Frizzy hair is very difficult to manage, and this hair spa treatment helps us to manage it better by making our tresses silky and smooth. Antioxidants and hair oils are used to treat unmanageable hair and reduce roughness.

6. Curly hair treatment

Curly hair needs extra care, and many of us don’t realise it. We treat curly hair like normal hair. Since curly hair tends to be extra frizzy and dry, a special treatment is necessary that moisturises intensely and gives us softer and shinier hair.

7. Dry hair treatment

Lack of protein leads to dry hair. Extra nourishment is given to it by a keratin hair spa treatment. Keratin protein is used in this treatment to enrich our dry hair with it and repair our hair. It also reduces the humidity effect on our hair and makes it less frizzy.

Things to avoid after a hair spa

  • We should avoid using tools that produce a lot of heat like straighteners, curlers, hair dryers, etc.
  • We should not tie our hair too tight after the hair spa treatment.
  • UV rays are also harmful to our hair, especially after a hair treatment. So we should cover our hair using a scarf or a hat.
  • We should avoid washing our hair immediately after the hair spa treatment.

Disadvantages of hair spa

  • We need to get hair spa treatments done more often to get the desired result. Getting them done once in a blue moon will have no long-term effect.
  • It is quite expensive. Even if it is worth the money since our hair needs all the extra nutrition it can get, it can still seem like a huge investment, and not everyone can afford to get these treatments regularly.
  • No matter how careful we are, coloured hair can fade a little after the hair spa treatment. Therefore, extra care needs to be taken by adding colour protective products.
  • We think a hair spa treatment is enough to make our hair healthy, but this is not the case. We also need to follow a healthy diet and exercise to maintain good hair health.


Hair spa treatments can make us feel great, and now we know all the steps in the procedure and the different kinds of hair spa treatments. We also know the benefits and why it is necessary to take good care of our hair and how to take care of different hair types. So let’s go to our nearest parlour, book an appointment now, and feel amazing about ourselves!

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