How To Fix AC When It’s Leaking Water

It is summertime in India, and the heat is truly on. The only way to beat the rising mercury is to switch on the air conditioner or, as we better know it, the AC.

Now, there is a distinct possibility that you might find your AC Leaking Water due to continuous use. There are many reasons for this leakage, including dirty AC filters or even poor AC installation. It is also a fact that a limited amount of water dripping from the AC is acceptable. However, when it occurs in excess, it becomes essential to repair it as soon as possible.

Here are a few facts explaining the factors that cause AC leakage and how to fix it. So, please read on to know everything about a leaking air conditioner.

What exactly causes excess water leakage in an AC?

When you find your AC leaking water, it is usually not because of one but several reasons. However, a few significant factors will answer the pertinent question: Why does AC leak water? They are as follows:

An unclean AC filter

A filter helps the air cooling device filter out dust and dirt from the atmosphere in every air conditioner. Therefore, you need to take care of filters regularly. The clogging of a filter leads to the evaporator getting frozen, causing excessive water dripping from AC.

Condensate tray damage

An air conditioner comprises condensate trays to collect condensed water. Moreover, if a tray is broken, damaged, or rusted, water seepage occurs, causing severe leakage while the AC is running.

Blocking of drain pipe

Drain pipes in an air conditioner carry water out of the unit. However, if large blocks begin to form in these pipes, water accumulates slowly, leading to the AC leaking water in excess.

Incorrect AC installation

Sometimes, your air conditioner could have been incorrectly installed, leading to excessive water dripping from AC. When the installation is not set up correctly, there could be a gap between the condensate tray and unit, leading to leakage. It is also possible that the drainpipe is exposed, which only leads to AC leaking water. You need to ensure the installation of the AC is completed with perfection.

Refrigerant level insufficiency

The refrigerant level inside your air conditioner must be on high and not low sides. Since if it is closer to the minimum and not the maximum range, then the pressure of the AC will decrease significantly. Leading to the freezing of the evaporator coil and eventually water dripping from AC.

How much is water leakage from AC considered normal?

You need not worry too much if you notice just a few droplets of water leaking from your air conditioner. It is a normal phenomenon, especially when you live in a place known for its hot and humid climate, wherein the process of condensation generally happens at a faster rate. However, when water dripping from AC gets excessive, you need to fix it as soon as possible.

How do you fix the problem of leakage in an AC?

In case you notice your AC leaking water in large proportions, and are therefore looking for the perfect solution to your leakage woes, then you need to check for the following:

  1. Please look at your air conditioner and make sure that the filter inside it is clean. If you find it clogged or dirty, you need to clean it thoroughly.
  2. Next, you need to look at drain pipes in your AC and clear any blockage you feel could prevent water from draining out of the device. Once you clean the drain pipes, the water will flow out smoothly and there will not be any leakage.
  3. Finally, while installing an AC in your home, make sure it is done correctly. Doing so will help avoid severe AC leakages in the future. After all, “prevention is always better than cure”.

Since the air conditioner eventually relieves you from the scorching heat, it makes sense to get an annual maintenance contract. Professional cleaners will be sent to your home every few months to service your air-conditioner. They will de-clog the pipes and replace the damaged parts. In other words, they will help keep your air-conditioner functioning smoothly and prevent water dripping from the AC.

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