Is Your Ac Not Cooling the Room? 6 Problems and How to Fix Them

Why is my AC not cooling?

After a long day at work in the summer, coming home to a broken air conditioner can cause much distress. An air conditioner, whether a split system or a window unit, relies on several mechanisms to keep the room cool. When it breaks down and does not cool the room effectively, there are just as many variables at play. The causes include inadequate maintenance or damage to a crucial component such as the compressor.

A general tip to avoid AC troubles is to get the appliance serviced regularly. The maximum usage is in the summer, so getting it serviced before the season will keep it in top-notch condition.

This article lists 6 specific reasons for an AC cooling problem along with suggestions to tackle them.


Six AC cooling problems and their solutions

Unclean coils

The condenser functions as an AC radiator, letting out heat (removed from the air). If the condenser coils are dirty and clogged, they will not be able to disperse heat externally. The air conditioner tends to become less effective as the coils become filthy, making it harder to chill the space.

Solution: Clean the coils effectively using a vacuum hose. Keep the pressure medium so as not to damage the coils. 

Obstructed air filter

If the split or window AC filter is clogged with dust and grime, air cannot flow freely, significantly reducing the air conditioner’s cooling capability.

Solution: If the AC filter is blocked, it is recommended that one gets it examined and replaced.

Low refrigerant/gas

The refrigerant or AC gas can escape. This can cause a drop in the pressure within the air conditioner and the freezing of the evaporator coils. Consequently, the drainage pan overflows with water.

Solution: Replace the AC refrigerant. The first step is to check the system, stop the compressor, and check the refrigerant. Then get the needed materials and replace the cylinder. If you are not confident of the process, hire an AC service. 

Damaged drain pan

The drain pan usually collects condensate. It has likely cracked or rusted in an old air conditioner. In this situation, water will not get collected but leak through the main unit.

Solution: Replace the drain pan as soon as possible if it is cracked or damaged.

Incandescent lighting and inappropriate heat insulation

Ensure that the space is clear of unwanted heat sources to ensure that your air conditioner cools the room properly.

Solution: Reflective curtains should be used to cover or tint windows exposed to direct sunlight, and incandescent lighting should be replaced with more energy-efficient LED lights. These produce substantially less heat and help one save money on power costs.

Compressor failure

In an air conditioning system, the compressor is responsible for controlling the flow of the refrigerant between the evaporator and the condenser. If the condenser breaks, it cannot chill the air adequately.

Solution: Hire a professional to replace the damaged compressor. 

Key takeaways

To clean your air conditioner, follow these simple steps:

  1. Put off the electricity to the unit.
  2. Remove any leaves, branches, or debris from the condenser fins, which is the thin metal mesh on the air conditioner’s exterior.
  3. Use a soft-bristled brush attachment to vacuum the fins, while being careful not to bend them.
  4. Clean around the motor by removing the grill from the top of the air conditioner.
  5. Use a damp washcloth to wipe off the fan blades.


AC troubles result in a hot, stuffy environment. Timely servicing and resolving any trouble immediately is a great way to get the most out of an air conditioner this summer. A skilled technician will correctly analyze the problem and recommend the best remedy. It can save one’s time, effort, and money. However, it is vital to remember that air conditioners become inefficient with time, resulting in higher utility expenses.

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What is the location of the AC reset button?

Start looking for it outside your machine, particularly around the bottom edge. The reset button on an AC is usually red and conspicuous, so it should be easy to find. It can also be hidden behind the service panel within the machine. If you don’t see a reset button, your air conditioner probably doesn’t have one, and you’ll have to reset it manually.

Why does my air conditioner’s compressor turn off after 2 to 3 minutes?

If your air conditioner compressor shuts off after two or three minutes of operation, it is undoubtedly overheating or failing.

How can I get my air conditioner fan to spin?

To begin the fan whirling, slide a thin and long stick through the fan grate and push the blades gently, while being careful to keep your fingertips away from the grate. (A word of caution: Try NOT to do this with any conductive metal or substance. Use wood.)

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