All About Professional Pest Control Services in Kolkata

Professional pest control services are a scientifically backed approach to eliminating pests or infestations from your home or business by using high-end chemicals and pesticides. Rodents and pests not only affect the look and appearance of a place, but can also cause damage to your valued property and belongings.

The reason can be anything: humid or warm weather, unexpected rodent attacks, a property that has been unattended for a long time, or leftover food crumbs or garbage. Taking DIY pest measures such as using pesticides, sprays or traps is not a one-person job; it can require a lot of time and manpower when you are not sure where to start, have a large property to deal with, or are unaware of the cause behind the infestation.

Kind of infestations you might find commonly in warm places like Kolkata:

  • Ants or Cockroaches
  • Termites or Mould
  • Bed bugs or Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Mosquitos

It can be really hard to find the most affordable, efficient, and professionally the best pest control services in Kolkata, but don’t worry, Mygate is now just a call away!

Type of pest control services in Kolkata offered by MyGate

We offer several pest management services to choose from that cover all kind of properties and easy customization, depending upon the type and degree of infestation:

  • Complete Home Solution: This includes all types of residential properties, 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, bungalows, multi-storey homes, and more. We make your home feel like home in the best way possible.
  • Commercial Solution: No matter the size of your store or office, we are here to make it 100% more hygienic with the best pest control in Kolkata.

IT Corporate and Godown Solution: We ensure your workers experience a healthier workplace every day by offering an end-to-end professional pest control solution. When it comes to IT corporations, your devices and hidden dark storage areas can be easily infected and require constant care. Godown and cold storage also require regular pest maintenance to deliver 100% hygienic services to its customers. MyGate can be your pest management partner in your journey to success.

Why choose MyGate professional pest control services?

Our pest control services are backed by professionally trained people to make your home and business pest-free in no time and the most efficient manner. Here are the reasons MyGate is the best pest control service In Kolkata:

  • 100% pest elimination assurance: Years of experience has made our team the best in dealing with different infestation issues by allowing simple and fast cause detection. We offer you the most suitable deep pest-controlling options for your home, with 100% safe and effective results by eliminating any future infestation possibilities.
  • Variety of treatments: We have pest control solutions to help you with minor to major infestation problems. In case your home is infected by a variety of pests at the same time, this situation can also be dealt with by implementing customised pest management options.
  • Affordable prices: If you think you can DIY your pest control journey, you should always start with a budget. Buying and storing pesticides or chemicals can be a little on the expensive side, so why not opt for something more budget-friendly? Mygate professional pest control service is a one-visit solution and helps you save money without asking you to invest in any expensive chemicals.
  • High-quality supplies and tools: Our team will always carry along industrial tools and products to deal with any kind of pest-related issues. We care about your home and know how precious your belongings are; we make sure that we use the specified product that best suits the targeted part of your home, office, or business.
  • Future guidance: We will assist you to identify the most effective prevention measures to avoid future infestation, including certain cleaning guidelines, dos and don’ts, routine home inspections, and more.
  • Time-saving: A hectic lifestyle does not allow everyone to save up time to deal with such tasks. The assistance of professionals can allow you to save a lot of time while dealing with home pest control issues. This will allow you to save enough time to spend with your family and friends. Book Mygate pest control services in Kolkata today!
  • Zero risk cleaning: You don’t have to deal with any pesticide side effects: our team can handle that for you so that your family can have a safer and healthier environment at home. We at Mygate always recommend making sure no kids are around while the task is under process.
  • Guaranteed results: This is not a temporary fix such as everyday insect traps, sprays, and injections. We are deep cleaning the infestation and preventing it from reoccurring or causing any further damage to your home or business.

How to book MyGate pest control services in Kolkata:

Mygate offers cleaning services for both your home and your business, no matter the size of the property.

Here is how to book our pest control services in Kolkata in just 4 simple steps:

  1. Call our customer support or downloading the app
  2. Book an inspection visit
  3. Choose the services you want to opt for
  4. Get a one-visit pest solution at your doorstep.

Avail MyGate pest control services in Kolkata

Our services are available in 25+ places in Kolkata including, Patuli, Haldia, Howrah, Salt Lake, Durgapur, New Alipore, North Kolkata, Rajarhat, South Kolkata, and more.

Don’t let those little pesky pests ruin your home and business reputation. Our group of highly trained staff is ready to make your home a pest-free zone in the safest way possible. Contact MyGate – the most affordable, accessible and best pest control in Kolkata!

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