Explained: How Rose Water Could be the Game Changer for Hair

Every household in India would have a small bottle of rose water in some corner. While it has many everyday uses, not many know that rose water can be a game changer in managing our hair. In the following article, we answer some commonly asked questions about how rose water benefits healthy and nourished hair.

Can we apply rose water on hair?

The answer to this question is a big YES. In addition to its pleasant smell, rose water has proven antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory capabilities that aid in restoring damaged hair, spurting hair growth, and maintaining shiny and well-nourished hair. Moreover, it is effective for all types and textures of hair – both natural and colour-treated.

Is rose water good for hair?

Rose water contains Vitamins A, B3, C, D and E, vital nutrients for healthy and well-nourished hair. When rosewater comes in contact with our hair, these vitamins are absorbed by the scalp and hair follicles, thus nourishing them from the root. In addition, it has also been found to trigger hair growth.

What are the rose water benefits for hair?

In addition to a calm and soothing fragrance, rose water has several benefits for our hair; however, many believe its full potential is yet to be explored.

1. Re-hydrates the Scalp

The heat and high pollution levels can result in dry scalp and unmanageable hair. Rose water moisturises the scalp and rehydrates it, rejuvenating the roots of the hair.

2. Eliminates hair handruff

Rose water has proven to be an effective natural anti-dandruff remedy. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties combat dandruff, leaving our hair shiny and healthy.

3. Controls oily scalp

Rose water can come to the rescue if we have an oily scalp that often leaves our hair and head greasy. Applying rose water regularly helps optimize the scalp’s pH levels.

4. Repairs damaged hair

Frequent straightening or curling of hair can severely compromise its quality, causing damage. Washing hair regularly with rose water repairs damaged roots, prevents hair fall and breakage, and strengthens the hair over time.

5. Enables hair growth

Using rose water regularly on hair is known to spurt hair growth. With all the right vitamins that restore the nutrient levels of hair, rose water acts as a natural nutrient, making hair shiny and healthy.

How to use rose water for hair?

The most common way to apply rose water is to spray it onto our heads and wash it off directly. However, if mixed with other ingredients, its impact can be manifold.

1. After shampooing

After shampooing the hair, we need to apply rose water and wash it after a few minutes. Many people, especially during summers and monsoon season, spray rose water all over their scalp and leave it for a couple of hours before rinsing it with water. Some also like to massage rosewater-soaked cotton balls onto their scalps before showing.

2. With glycerine

We would have to mix rose water and glycerine in a 1:1 ratio. Then, part our hair using a comb and apply this solution from the scalp to the hair tip. For best results, we must leave it for an hour before washing it off with water at room temperature.

3. With vinegar and eggs

The ideal process is to beat three eggs in a bowl and add half a cup of rose water. We must stir well to ensure it turns into a loose paste. Then, this mixture needs to be applied to our hair, from the scalp to its tip. We need to leave it for 30 minutes before washing it off. We end the routine by shampooing the hair.

How to use rose water for hair growth?

Rose water is rich in vitamins A, C, E, and D, which are vital in triggering hair growth and keeping it healthy. Applying rose water to hair daily ensures that the scalp absorbs these vitamins. Daily application for 8-12 straight weeks can repair pre-existent damages, spurting hair growth.

What are the side effects of rose water on hair?

Rose water is considered to be a harmless product. However, if we suspect an allergy, it is best to apply it to a small section of the hair first and wait an hour before applying entirely.

Pure rose water has a shorter shelf life. Hence, many people opt for diluted versions commonly found in the market. However, while buying these versions, we must ensure that the product is free from traces of paraben, sulfur, and other toxins.

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