10 Essential Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Any type of machinery requires regular cleaning and maintenance for longer life. This implies that if we follow certain steps and procedures daily, it will ensure its effective functioning for a longer period

Many of us tend to assume that a washing machine can self-maintain as it is a “cleaning machine” by itself, i.e., it cleans almost everything – from our daily clothes to curtains, bedsheets and even blankets. However, no matter how great the model is, it does require adequate servicing regularly as it will not only extend its life but also help us save money on repairs while continuing to wash the clothes efficiently.

Periodically hiring a washing machine cleaner service or a washing machine repair and maintenance service company can help us with the adequate maintenance of our machine. If we learn how to clean a washing machine at our home, it will save a lot of external maintenance costs in the future.

So here are 10 washing machine maintenance tips you can follow:

1. Choosing the right detergent

While using a washing machine, it is essential to use the right type of detergent. The type of detergent we use is mainly determined by the type and price of our washing machine. Still, it is advisable to use the detergent recommended in the manufacturer’s handbook, which provides further information on how to use the machine properly.

It’s also vital to remember that whether we use a machine-specific or standard detergent, it shouldn’t be too harsh or alkaline. Otherwise, the inside elements of the washing machine and our garments can end up getting damaged for long-term use.

2. Make sure to clean it regularly

Washing machine problems arise, and over time, the appliances begin to lose their efficiency. Thus, it is essential to wipe off the inside of the washing machine drum, which is where our clothing goes and holds the water, after each usage to prevent leaks. Clean the drain, door, hose and gasket, as well as any residue in the detergent compartment. Regular cleaning improves the efficiency of the machine and prevents mould and mildew from generating nasty smells. To clean our washing machine, we can use a manufacturer-recommended product like bleach, white vinegar or baking soda.

3. Cleaning the rubber gasket of your machine

The rubber gasket wraps around the washer edges, protecting our clothing from harm and our hands from any sharp edges. Every time we open the door of a washing machine, whether front or top load, tiny dust particles enter. These dust particles frequently collect on the gasket’s edges and sides. The detergent and softener particles can leave residues on the gasket. Because it is positioned outside the tub, it suffers from many spills yet stays dirty because we prefer to overlook it. This is why we must regularly wipe the rubber gasket with a moist cloth.

4. Do not leave the laundry for an extended period

Leaving wet laundry in the washer overnight or for an extended period may damage both the machine and the garments. If we do this frequently, it might cause mouldy and slimy growth on our garments. We will ultimately have to wash the garments again, which will need the machine to operate for many hours. It will take more time and will affect our power cost. Another thing that people today do is leave their clothes unattended. It might leave an unpleasant odour on the garments. The washing machine also appears to be odorous and unhygienic.

5. Protecting your machine from spillage

Even if we use the best detergents or softeners available on the market, the dirt that accumulates in the washing machines can also be caused by the detergent spills, which cause a bad smell over time. The best solution to get rid of this residue is to use a mild dishwashing detergent. Also, you must wipe the interior of the drum with a moist cloth to remove lint, detergent, and/or dirt deposits that may have accumulated over time.

6. Don’t close the door of your washing machine immediately after use

This is one of the most common mistakes most of us make after using a washing machine. We believe that leaving the door open will cause dirt and dust to accumulate within the machine. To some extent, this is correct, but it does not imply that we must close it immediately. Leaving the door open for 15 to 30 minutes eliminates moisture and protects our machine from mould and bacteria growth. This also adequately dries the tub and protects the delicate sections from moisture damage. Wiping the interior with a thick dry cloth 15-30 minutes after the washing has finished and the residual moisture has dried slightly is an excellent approach to ensure there is no moisture.

7. Cleaning the detergent storage boxes of your machine

There are separate detergent and fabric softener containers in automatic washing machines that combine the components with water and automatically dump them into the washing tub. This is very helpful as we do not have to wait for the detergent to dissolve in the water before loading our clothes into the machine. But the continued use of these containers without adequate cleaning creates a breeding ground for bacteria and harmful deposits, which produces a hazy, transparent, and sometimes green texture that feels unclean. Washing our clothes in the extract of the accumulated bacteria on our clothes is an unhealthy practice. It also contaminates and reduces the cleaning quality of the machine. All of this can be avoided by the regular cleaning of these dispensers. We should clean the dispensers of the washing machines regularly to avoid such washing machine problems.

8. Periodically check the hoses

Manual examination of the hoses is recommended by experts every other month. When we suspect an undefined issue with the hose, we must get it checked by a specialist. We must always keep an eye on the pipes to prevent unpleasant situations. In case of relocation, we must make sure to inspect the drain pipe for ill-fitting connections. Furthermore, the hoses are prone to breakage; wetness is the most unusual indicator of cracks. Rust forms on the components of old washing machines, which may block their operation. Small items such as coins, decorations, notes, and toys may clog the pipeline. We must check to see whether the hose is clear of obstructions.

9. Cleaning the filter

Our washing machine’s lint collector catches all of the lint and dirt from our clothes. It’s critical to clean and replace this lint filter regularly to avoid any blockage in the filter caused by the accumulation of dirt and debris. If the filter is full, it will no longer catch the remaining materials in the water, and our clothes will remain dirty even after getting washed. Also, these particles will get collected in the washing machine, reducing its life and performance. So, we should clean our machine filter at least once a month.

10. Consider the load

Overloading the washing machine might create major problems with its operation. Overloading reduces the machine’s efficiency. Even if we are short on time, we should never overload our washing machine. It also affects working productivity and prevents our clothes from getting properly cleaned. The best approach to keep the washing machine running effectively is to segregate the garments by size, weight and colour.

The above mentioned washing machine maintenance tips are simple to implement and do not require the assistance of a professional. If we follow these basic and important washing machine maintenance guidelines, our washing machine will run properly for years without breaking down. As a result, we avoid spending money on expensive repairs and save money. After all, our washing machine has been our saviour isn’t it? Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to take proper care of it.

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