Help Address Low Blood Bank Reserves

For the past 60 days, organizations around the country have struggled to find blood donors or conduct blood donation camps. As compared to 606 camps in January, just 138 were organized all through April, as per the Blood Bank Public Index. This has a major effect on patients suffering from severe illnesses, such as Thalassemia and cancer. For instance, there are over 100,000+ thalassemia patients in the country who are in need of a blood transfusion every 2 to 3 weeks. 

The BloodConnect Foundation has reached out to help them find donors or even societies willing to host a blood donation camp. If you are interested in either, please inform us by filling up the form below and a representative of Blood Connect will get in touch with you.

Safe, Socially Distanced & Sanitised Blood Donation Camps Conducted During Lockdown

About BloodConnect

The BloodConnect Foundation was started in 2010 in IIT Delhi with the belief that the problem of blood shortage in India can be solved by the collective efforts of the youth. Over the past decade, they have reached out to 1 million+ people, organized more than 900 blood donation camps, collected 75000+ units, and helped save over 2 lakh lives in the process. 

Safety During Blood Donation Camps

The safety of blood donors and professionals involved in blood transfusion is of utmost importance. All camps will follow the detailed guidance on blood transfusion during COVID-19 issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) for unhindered movement of blood collection mobile vans and blood donors (summarised in the poster above).

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