Issued in Public Interest for MyGate Residents

We are issuing this advisory notice to all MyGate residents. It has come to our attention that there are few companies claiming to have a product like MyGate and operating in cities. They are reaching out to the RWA members, residents and guards and offering freebies and cash benefits to gain confidential information about the residents of society, about MyGate operations in the society with an intent to introduce their products.

We are sharing this to educate the residents to be alert about such activities.

Society may end up getting lured with such attractive offers and share your confidential information with such a company. We have heard of instances where a resident’s personal information has been misused by such companies. In addition, please ensure you are aware of other important fine prints of any contract that you are getting into.

  1. Are you giving default consent to use your personal and family data (phone # and email ) for any form of marketing activities like insurance, home services, banking etc?
  2. Do you have the right to deny a marketing campaign of any form by the company ?
  3. Is there a lock in period of many years in lieu of upfront cash payments received by the society?
  4. Are you liable to pay back the upfront cash amount – in case of the termination of the contract by society for any reason (like poor service) in future.

It is important that residents are aware of the kind of contract the society is getting into with MyGate or any other vendor/service provider. We have also noticed that few companies are sending their representatives to societies who are gaining access to society or knocking at resident’s doors claiming to be from MyGate. Please ensure your security checks for MyGate identification and government ID before allowing into society premises.

What do you think?