MyGate Child Security for Gated Premises

As working parents, the primary reason for anyone to rent or buy a house in a gated community is the safety and security of their loved ones. MyGate’s Child Security feature provides real-time information to the parents when their children step outside the main gate of their gated community.

The Child Security feature on the MyGate app will help parents be aware of and give approval for the movement of their children when they step out of the community, unaccompanied by them. This would also apply when a child caretaker or a designated adult is taking a child out of the community.

In an everyday scenario, when a child wants to step out of the gated premises alone or accompanied by support staff (like maid, driver), the security guard may or may not reach out to the parent on the community EPBX system to take approvals to let the child out. This process has proven to be disastrous as most communities do not have EPBX systems deployed and the parents are generally unavailable to attend calls.

Our latest feature instantly notifies parents on the MyGate app if their children are trying to get out of the gated premises. The children are let out by the guard only upon approval by the parents on the app.

Here’s how you will benefit…

  • You will get notified every time your kid attempts to leave the premises
  • If you are allowing your kid to exit in the next few hours on the app, the guard will immediately be notified of this when he attempts to seek your permission

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