Tips On Relocating To A New Neighborhood

Relocation to a new place can be daunting and exhausting if you haven’t prepared yourself for the move beforehand. It goes without saying that the first and foremost requirement would be to hire a professional movers and packers agency who can handle your cargo with care (and plenty of bubble wraps). But there are some equally important steps to take to make the transition stress-free and smooth from day one. Practical moves require precise planning. Here’s our compilation of basic but essential tips for shifting to a new environment, applicable for homeowners as well as tenants (for temporary or permanent relocation).

Forward your mail/correspondence

If you’re receiving regular subscriptions or monthly deliveries on your old address, change it to the new address well in advance so that there’s no mix-up once you move in. This could include changing the address on digital e-commerce platforms also since out of habit, you could just end up ordering products delivered to the old address and cause unnecessary inconvenience. 

Get to know the neighbors

It’s ideal to meet and greet your neighbours and exchange pleasantries. This is not just a formality or an obligatory action but also a genuine gesture to show goodwill and community bonding. Besides, if you’re moving to a new town, befriending the neighbors is the first step. Introduce yourself at a convenient time and exchange numbers if needed. Your neighbours can keep an eye on your house while you’re away and can help you out during emergencies. It’s also a good idea to organise a housewarming party and extend invites to your neighbours. 

Know the utility/daily supplies sources

Another imperative step after the relocation is to scout the neighborhood for essential supplies and utilities such as cable, internet, groceries, etc. You must plan and get the gas and light meter activated on the day of moving so that it provides that much ease. Try the nearby eateries and explore the area like a local to get a feel of the place and get oriented towards the neighborhood. 

Apply security measures

Check the current security practices in place in the housing society and accordingly deploy your own security measures. For instance, if your society has only security guards and limited CCTV cameras, you could install smart doorbells and locks to tighten your home’s security. If you’re so inclined, you could also invest in a home security system equipped with sensors, motion detectors, locks, and alarms. 

A society with an intelligent society management app like MyGate can provide end-to-end gate security with passcode verification-based entry/exit makes the security of your home robust from the get-go. The solution ensures that no unwanted or suspicious visitors can enter the society premises without prior approval from the resident. 

Learn about the society rules

Every society has codes of conduct, maintenance bill practices, and distinct bylaws. You must be aware of every pertinent rule in the beginning. Eventually, you can settle in and look into the details of the bylaws but initially, you must know the below:

Meet the MC/RWA members/Secretary

A single point of contact would suffice at the beginning, i.e. you could introduce yourself to either the Secretary or any other committee member who’d be able to answer your questions and be available to help you get familiar with the community rules. 

Trash Management

Nowadays housing societies have special protocols for the segregation of dry, wet, and toxic waste. Quite a few societies may even have composting units for which wet waste is collected from each household. Plastic recycling procedures may also be applied in some cases. Inquire about the waste disposal procedure so you can arrange for appropriate waste handling supplies like color-coded trash cans.

Figure out the parking space allotment

If you have a two-wheeler/four-wheeler, you must get yourself a parking slot assigned. You may be assigned a temporary spot initially until the MC can find a permanent place for your vehicle. You must also be aware of the parking charges per month. 

Be aware of any unknown variables

Some areas in and around your neighborhood may be unsafe or unsavory. There may also be some specific towers or floors in your society that may be sealed due to Covid positive cases. Inquire about such restrictions or safety measures once you move in. 

MyGate society management app has tie-ups with reputed grocers, food delivery apps and provides discounts on medicines with Covid proof delivery protocols in place which you must avail for convenience and safety. 

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