The Zero-Hardware Replacement for The Housing Society Intercom

Intercom systems are costly, outdated, and, yet, everywhere. The reason for this is that they’re assumed to be part of the package when buying a home. The reality, as we all know, is that it’s a dreaded device that usually goes unanswered. Why? Because the residents at most housing complexes are aware of the reason for the call and know that there will be no change in outcome whether or not it is answered.

If there’s a person asking for them at the gate, they will be let in regardless or the visitor will eventually call. But still, a lot of money is spent on the intercom, first on installation and later to maintain it.
In this article, we will discuss the case a replacement devised by the team at MyGate that makes the intercom relevant once again and requires no hardware.

The Cost of An Obsolete System

Wired systems are more of a hassle than a smart solution for the time that we live in. At around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 7,500 for installation of each device, the system, which is usually taken for granted, ends up costing tens of lakhs and takes two to three weeks to go live. As if that isn’t enough, housing societies typically end up shelling out 5-10% of the original cost on an annual maintenance fee! All while there’s a system that can get the job done at no cost whatsoever.

The MyGate Replacement

As part of MyGate’s app-based security and community management solution, residents get complete access to a feature called ‘Connect With Residents’, which is a flat-wise directory of all the residents in the community. Simple as it may seem, it is hugely beneficial. Here’s why:

Benefits for Residents

Always connected: Whether the residents are home, at work or on vacation, they can always stay connected to their home with the MyGate app. Two numbers can be listed to ensure that, in case of an emergency, they can always be reached.
Always within reach: Very often, the intercom goes unanswered because it is fixed to a certain location, whereas most people aren’t used to changing their position to answer their phone. With a mobile-based intercom facility, this goes away, too.
Zero hardware: All residents are connected via the mobile app. To reach out to another resident or the main gate, all they need to do is scroll through the list of flats and hit call. There’s no need for a wired phone connection.
Low Cost: There is no cost attached to the intercom feature, as it comes bundled with the MyGate solution, which currently makes life within a housing society more convenient for over 600,000 homes.

Benefits for Developers

Massive savings: At even Rs. 5,000 a device, the intercom system comes with a huge price tag, which would be justified if it were used. However, in most cases, the system is underutilised. The MyGate solution keeps everyone connected at almost no cost, with a much higher usage rate.

Minimal set-up time: Instead of waiting three to four weeks to set up an intercom system, the eIntercom system can be set up – along with a host of security and community management features – in just a few days.

The cost of communication are far lower than ever before. Given that the intercom was built for a time that has passed us by, it makes little sense to invest in such a system today. Learn more about the MyGate solution, used by thousands of communities across urban India.

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