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“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”
– Steve Jobs

Business is essentially a network of humane interactions. Like people, different businesses have different strengths. It only makes sense to take assistance from one another to grow better.

Who is MyGate?

To around 25,000 societies, and 4 million households in 27 major cities in India and innumerable brands who have already made use of its B2B services, MyGate is no new name. However, if you are new to it, MyGate is a clear leader in the field of community management for gated societies. The MyGate app is used by its users to simplify their everyday lives – from secure entry and exit of their guests and daily help, to delivery management, booking amenities, society payments, even discussions between community members of individual gated communities and more!

Big brands and their association with MyGate

Several big brands like Amazon, Swiggy, Zomato, BMW, Domino’s, Byju’s, Reliance Digital, Swiggy, Rapido, HSBC Bank, Tanishq and many, many more have associated themselves with MyGate and made use of its online and offline assistance to improve their business. 22000+ campaigns have been run for these brands – on the app or on-ground. Not only could these reach their desired audience directly and without hassle, raise awareness about their products, deliver their samples to these users who opted for it through MyGate’s app, put signages or set up kiosks inside the gated societies, but also generated enough leads and more, and often surpassed their set targets.

Pradeep Vijayaev, Assistant General Manager/ Head of Digital Marketing of Brigade Group says,

MyGate brings a unique proposition to the table that enables brands to reach out to a specially curated audience through multiple Ad formats that fit into our requirements. We created a user journey to build brand awareness and engage users to take action by showing interest in the property. We have received a good response so far and the MyGate team has been diligent and quick to optimize campaigns to achieve results.

Why do big brands trust MyGate?

Aside from the large number of people who use the MyGate app every day to simplify their lives across the country, one of the MyGate app’s biggest benefits is the amount of channels through which marketers can connect with their customers about themselves or their products. The app helps brands achieve their goals both online and offline. If a brand wants to promote itself, its products, services or an event on the app they could make use of:

  • Pulse (notice board)
  • Spotlight
  • Feature cards
  • Typeforms
  • Interstitials, and more.

That’s not all. Team MyGate also provides on-the-ground assistance to brands by creating a pre-buzz in the app, and has helped them obtain the appropriate approvals for

  • Sampling
  • Putting up signs
  • Kiosks

Several big brands have benefitted from the intelligent problem solving methods, and efficient execution of their campaigns, and have successfully turned their targets into quantifiable results.

Club Mahindra – one of the biggest brands to associate with MyGate

One of India’s top travel, tourism and hospitality companies, Club Mahindra was looking to generate a high number of leads. MyGate’s Pulse (Society app noticeboard) is one of the various means of communication provided by the MyGate app. It allows brands to share their story, promote and offer or run a contest. Club Mahindra benefited greatly from this feature.

The campaign was run across Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur and Delhi.


1IntentionLead generation
2Cities targeted8
3Households targeted729092
5Cumulative Clicks82395
7Leads generated8000+

MyGate stands strong on its values and delivers innovatively, with speed and excellence to help brands achieve more than what they aspire. Its features are well-crafted, easy to use and efficient. Why reach just your target, when you could surpass them?


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