How travel and tourism industry is tapping into trusted apps

Travel brands understand that it is important to target their audience through mediums they already trust and are seamlessly a part of their everyday lives.

A popular luxury resort and hotel management company promoted itself on the MyGate app, through Pulse – one of its features that allows brands to tell their story, promote offers and run contests. Another Indian online travel and tourism brand took advantage of the app’s Interstitial feature, and took their audience on a visual tour of their product or service with a carousel post. Another tourism industry made use of PAC (Post-Approval Card) and Spotlight to maximise their reach. In another instance, one of India’s top travel & tourism brands set up a kiosk in societies and offered audience on-site offers.

Travel Industry has been Digitised

A travel plan today is just a few taps away – no calling multiple places, organising dates, keeping track of all the information and meticulous folding of tickets into carefully remembered pages of a book. Also, recent technological advancements in 360-degree photography, virtual reality, travel and food blogs on social media platforms and their advertisements on apps, have completely changed how we approach travel.

According to a study, around 95% of travellers use apps on their phones to work out their travel plans during the phase when they’re just dreaming about their new travel destination. Out of this, around 78% are business travellers and 67% are general travellers. These travellers are then assisted by these platforms to plan and book tickets to their dream destinations so that they can experience their trip most exquisitely.

MyGate as a platform for tourism brands

As a leading provider of community management services for gated societies in India the MyGate app is widely used by 25,000 societies and 4 million households in 27 major cities to access essential services. Apart from a variety of communication channels and a comprehensive community engagement platform, MyGate’s greatest strength as a B2B platform is its NCCS A/A+ audience with good purchasing capacity that enhances the chances of them deciding to travel more and widely.

In addition to this, team MyGate takes over when you tell them a target you are trying to reach and helps you decide which communication channel to use – digital, or phygital. The team also helps you narrow down the audience you could approach and the societies that would be the best fit for your campaigns.

Communication channels that are custom-made for your needs

Broadly, MyGate provides two types of channels to brands – Digital and Phygital. As a part of Digital campaigns, you could choose to present yourself, your products or services through:

  • MyGate Pulse
  • Spotlight
  • Post-Approval Card (PAC)
  • Post-Action Screen (PAS)
  • Interstitial

As a part of the 360º degree Phygital campaigns, you could choose to give your audience the best community experience through:

  • Setting up Kiosks in the society
  • Conducting events in the society

These on-ground campaigns are backed by digital push notifications that inform the audience about them. The digital platform could also be used to collect opt-ins for the same.

With a proven track record of better ad awareness, brand recall and purchase intent MyGate could help you turn their targets into results. We’d be glad to assist you to be unmissable to your audience.

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