MyGate, convenience, and better communication

“Convenience is the catalyst that drives innovation in business.”
Elon Musk

Convenience is a mindful and necessary business virtue. Every brand is based on solutions to some problem. Communicating this to a target audience forms the base of every marketing strategy. With the world spinning faster today than ever before and technology taking over everything and everyone, the attention span of humans has gone to 8.25 seconds which is less than that of a goldfish – 9 seconds! It is due to this that people look for anything that can reduce their emotional, physical and cognitive strain. Businesses that prioritise convenience are often seen as innovative, premium and ahead of the curve, which can give them a competitive advantage by bettering brand-customer relationships.

Convenience as a virtue among brands

Simplicity is brilliant. The best businesses stand to solve the simplest solutions that most simply live with, for it never crosses their mind that it could be even dealt with. These businesses then take a simple idea and turn it into a business model that makes people believe that they are just that one solution away from living their best life. Google was built to help people escape bad, and irrelevant search results. Coke presents itself as the destroyer of sadness. Tinder works around the idea that meeting new people need not be restricted to merely fate or weekends.

The best websites are those that do not place themselves at the centre stage and present how intelligent and innovative they are at the cost of a confused viewer. It is those that use their intelligence and innovation to make it so simple for their audience, that they are mystified by how they thought it first – because, even they could have done it. This is also true about content, copy, design and channels of communication. The trick is to do it so well that it seamlessly slips into their everyday lives.

MyGate makes brand communication convenient

MyGate was founded in 2016 with a simple idea – simplifying daily check-ins and visitor management for residents of a gated community and the security personnel. With time, daily staff management, child security, home services, payments and accounts, communication management and so on were added with the same intention – to simplify everyday living. However, alongside working towards making the lives of their residents convenient MyGate also works towards making brand communication simpler and more efficient. It has been working consistently to create new communication channels for brands.

Channels of communication and convenience

MyGate boasts multiple communication channels, making it a top choice for B2B communication. The platform offers digital and phygital channels for brands to connect with their audience. MyGate provides two types of channels to brands – Digital and Phygital.

As a part of Digital campaigns, you could choose to present yourself, your products or your services through:

  • MyGate Pulse: Share your brand’s story, offer promotions, or host a competition.
  • Spotlight: Boost your brand’s visibility with a homepage display that expands.
  • Post-Approval Card (PAC): Make an impact with a context-based insert every time a visitor is approved by a MyGate user.
  • Post-Action Screen (PAS): Strengthen your brand’s presence with an insert after every visitor entry is created.
  • Interstitial: Showcase your product or service with a visual carousel post.

The 360º degree Phygital campaigns have an efficient and effective workflow that include on-ground efforts like setting up kiosks, hosting events, and product sampling, supported by digital notifications and opt-in options:

  • Setting up Kiosks in society –
  • Conducting events in the society
  • A sampling of products in the society

With its focus on convenience and communication, MyGate has established itself as a top choice for B2B communication. The platform offers multiple communication channels, both digital and phygital, to brands, making it simple and efficient to connect with their audience. Whether it’s sharing stories and promotions with MyGate Pulse, increasing visibility with Spotlight, or reinforcing brand presence with Post-Approval Card (PAC) and Post-Action Screen (PAS), MyGate provides the necessary tools for brands to succeed in their communication efforts. With its 360º degree phygital campaigns, on-ground efforts and digital notifications, MyGate has made brand communication more convenient, efficient and effective.


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