MyGate Dashboard March 2022 Release Notes

In continuation to our efforts in improving usability, increasing engagement, increasing collection, reducing the operational efforts, and supporting acquisition and retention in the system, we have identified and rectified the following product gaps and also added certain valuable enhancements to the product.

MIS Report

To improve clarity and to help the society accountants we have introduced an MIS report that provides complete clarity on the opening balance, total invoiced, Total collected, credit applied if any, pending value, and closing balance for a selected period. 

Path: Financial Reports -> Dues and Advance  Collection -> MIS Report

Expense module: GST & TDS rate configuration during vendor creation

To improve the user experience of our current vendor expense booking system, the society admins and accountants can now configure the preferred GST rate and TDS rate during the vendor creation process. These pre-configurations will get auto-populated as editable during the expense booking process once the vendor is selected. The GST and TDS amounts will also get auto-calculated by the system once the amount for the service availed is entered.  This implementation will help the accountants by nullifying errors and saving time & effort. 

Path: People hub -> Vendors -> Create/Edit Vendor

Invoicing: View the last 3 receipts in the invoice 

We have added a setting in the invoice template to display the last 3 payment receipts in the invoice. This feature will add clarity to the invoices, especially in societies where accountants are generating invoices. 

Path: Accounts -> Invoicing -> Member invoices ->

Tally export Changes 

Bill title in Invoice export – Bill title has been added as a parameter while transferring the invoices to Tally to provide clarity to the residents 
Receipt description – We are now pushing the description of the receipts while exporting receipts to Tally. This will ensure clarity to both accountants and auditors while auditing the data with tally and MyGate

Action column freezing in various modules 

To improve the usability, the action columns in the following columns are now frozen. 

  • Payment Initamation action page.
  • Book expense listing page 
  • Asset listing page 

The actioner can now scroll sidewise on the entire table keeping the action column and action upon the items.

Society dues redirection from defaulter popups

Now the defaulters can directly go to the payment listing page from the defaulter pop-ups to clear their dues. This flow will push defaulters to clear their dues and thereby improve the collections. 

House Dues Page – Owner Name within house filter

Now the users will be able to see and search with the owner’s name on the “select house option” on the dues page. Searching with the owner’s name or flat number provides more flexibility to the accountants and managers to search for the details of a specific flat. 

Path: Accounts -> Dues & Receipts -> Dues -> Select House -> Show Dues -> Select house  

Cash/bank statements in reports have been enhanced to accommodate a new column that specifies the ledger on which the entry is impacted. This will provide more clarity to the accountants and auditors. 

Path: Financial Reports -> Account balance & statements -> Cash/Bank statement

PR editing process

To improve the usability of the purchasing module, we have introduced editing of generated PRs. Now, the user can simply edit the PR instead of canceling and creating of new PR. Editing is currently allowed for all the fields in the PR and is made available to the creator and the admin users. 

Path: Accounts -> Purchasing -> Purchases -> Purchase Request -> Edit

The setting for approval restart post-editing in purchasing 

The admins can now decide on if the PR/PO should restart from the same level or from level 1 incase if the PR, PO, or RFQ is edited. This setting is currently in the backend and please reach out to us in case any society wishes to get enable this. 

Rent Pay – Email Notification to the Landlord

We are capturing the owner’s email id (Non-mandatory) and an email is now triggered to the landlord when the tenant makes the rent payment and whenever the amount is credited to the beneficiary account. 

Forum – Character limit increased to 5000

The character limit of the Forum (description and comment) has now increased from 1000 to 5000 characters.

Utility Meter: Permission to roles

Treasurer and custom admins (assigned access to) are now allowed permission to access the ‘utility meter’ module.


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