MyGate Dashboard May 2022 Release Notes

In continuation to our efforts in improving usability, increasing engagement, increasing collection, reducing the operational efforts, and supporting acquisition and retention in the system, we have identified and rectified the following product gaps and also added certain valuable enhancements to the product.

New Dues Page – Phase 1

Dues page, being the most frequently visited page by the Society Accountant/Treasurer for recording payment / view account statements, required multiple clicks for day to day transactions, making it a cumbersome process. This is now simplified with the new Page bringing the account statement and payment and flat search in a single view.

Path : Dashboard>> Accounts>> Dues and receipts>> Dues

New Dues Report

Revamp on dues report by introducing new filters (such as FY) that can reduce difficulty in fetching required information, With a hyperlink under the “House” tab redirecting to the flat’s dues page and another under the “Total Dues” tab redirecting to the “Current Dues Break Up”

Path : Dashboard>> Financial Reports>>  Dues and Advance collection>> Dues Report

New ‘Custom Group’

As a part of improving the user experience, we have redesigned the ‘Groups’ section within the ‘Communications’ tab. The new UI presents a better segregation of customizable groups and removes the SMS group option.

Path : Dashboard>>  Communications>>  Groups

Prepaid – Recharge Status Verification Tool

Previously, in case of any failure of payment or pending status the admin had no single view to track and action these transactions. Now we have introduced a Pending Recharges Page along with Retry Recharge and mark as success buttons which can enable the admin to take action immediately without depending on MyGate. To support the admin further, a new daily balance graph has been introduced in case the admin needs validation on the actual status of recharge.

Path : Dashboard>>Accounts>> Utility Meter>> Meter Charges

New ‘Pay Later’ Option in ERP checkout

Adding to the existing list of payment methods, we have introduced the ‘Pay Later’ option. Users can use “Simpl” or “ICICI Paylater” through which they can avail credit for their invoice payments and payback in smaller values within subsequent few months.

Path : User App>> Community>> Society Dues>> Choose Invoice>> Make Payment>> Pay

Introduced ​​Invoice Numbers column under the Collection report. This would provide more visibility to the accountants and managers to perform their analysis/segregation.

Path : Dashboard>> Financial Reports>> Dues and Advance collection>> Dues Collection

Owner Name-based search in house filters

Acknowledging the difficulty in searching for a unit in case of difficult building/house nomenclature, we have arrived with a name-based search option to ease the difficulty in finding an individual. This option is now available under Receipts, Batch ID and Billing details as well.

Path : Dashboard>>  Accounts>> Dues and receipts>> Receipts

Path : Dashboard>>  Accounts>> Billing Details

Path : Dashboard>>  Accounts>> Invoicing >> Invoice history

Preferred TDS application in Vendor Advance Payment

Option to define the TDS charges against each of the vendors has been available under the “Vendor Master”. These predefined TDS settings will now automatically prefill the TDS rates under the “Pay advance” similar to previous implementation in  “Book Expense

Path : Dashboard>> People Hub >> Vendors>> Create Vendor>> Preferred TDS setting

Path: Dashboard>> Accounts>> Purchasing>> Book Expense>> Pay Advance

Inventory Statement rework

The Inventory Listing and Details pages have been re-organised to help the accountants or store managers gain clear visibility on stock availability and their consumption statement. The action column has been made non-scrollable to ease daily activity by the customers.

Path: Dashboard>> Asset and Inventory>> Inventory

Item Description in Batch ID Excel Export

The relevant item description is now available in the subsequent column for each of the charge items. This can be viewed in the Excel download under the Invoice history against the Batch ID.

Path: Dashboard>> Accounts>> Invoicing >> Invoice History>> Batch ID

Meter based upload to reflect the Sum of Amounts under Change Reading

The Change Reading under the “Config amount” previously did not showcase the total amount. With the current update, the invoice template shows the summation of the “Config amount” above the “Change Reading” in the template.

Path: Dashboard>> Accounts>> Invoicing>> Member Invoices>> Invoice Template

Tower Level Admin (for child societies)

With the increasing adoption of umbrella societies, it was found that the tower level admins would need access to more modules and hence have improved the experience of tower level admins by giving access to the relevant information needed by the admin. Following are the list of items we have provided access to the tower level admin.

  • Building List
  • Flat List
  • Resident List
  • Generated Reports
  • Visitor Validation Report

Monthly Entry-Exit report Improvements

Based on feedback from Society Admins, we have added a few more fields in the downloaded report for the admins to verify the details from the same report. Following are the list of fields added in the Monthly Entry-Exit report.

  • Entry Allowed By
  • Exit Allowed By

To prevent download failure, incomplete download and to address security vulnerability of monthly entry-exit data stored in the archive, we have made the report download happen in real-time by sending the reports over mail and also showing them under ‘Generated Reports’. This will solve the missing data issue and timeout errors during download.

Path: Unified Dashboard >> Society >> Generated Reports

Refined Home Page for Society Dashboard

  • In order to give the ability to the admins to choose on the widgets based on their priority we have introduced the customisation ability for widgets where the admins can drag and place a widget as per their priority and convenience. 
  • Society Level widget configuration for the admins who have access to multiple societies.
  • Expand and collapse of the Menu tab in the Unified Dashboard

Additional Notes : 

  • Bank Reconciliation Report page String Change
  • Dues Report – Download PDF Implementation & Detailed Page
  • Dues Report Revamp – (Improvements & Separation of Ageing) Task
  • House Name to appear as Payee Name in web-payments


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